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Safety Beauty Product Measures Your Brand Must be Following

Safety Beauty Product Measures Your Brand Must be Following

Did you know safety beauty product measures are crucial for your health and beauty brand? If not, check out this guide immediately.

Introducing: safety beauty product hacks you must know about!

In any industry that involves physical contact, there’s a risk of passing or being exposed to illnesses. With health and beauty services, you typically are nearby or touching people all day. You do not want you, your employees, or your clients getting sick. Therefore, you have to practice safety beauty product measures.

Stay in the know below!

Wash tools

For any person working in the beauty and health industry, it’s a must to wash and sanitize your tools. If you do not properly clean or care for these items, they can break or cause harm to others. For example, if you’re a makeup artist, you’ll want to wash any brushes you use. Or if you are a hairstylist, you may want to wash the aprons and scissors you use. For any tool, we recommend keeping the instructions on how to clean and maintain it.


Disinfect after each person

Even before COVID-19, you should’ve been disinfecting your tools after each person. You don’t know what germs or bacteria a person is carrying. However, now that cleanliness and disinfecting are huge factors, you need to be disinfecting the entire area after each client. This includes tools, products, chairs, and other items they may touch. The more you disinfect, the fewer chances you have of cross-contamination or getting sick yourself.

Use disposable tools

In many beauty appointments, you can use products one time and then dispose of them — wands, sponges, q-tips, etc. If you find yourself working with many clients and don’t have the time to clean between each person, this will save you time. Check out health and beauty wholesalers to find what tools you can use that are disposable!


Keep track of expiration dates

Products will expire after a certain time. When it comes to beauty and health products, these dates vary depending on the product or when it was opened. For example, many makeup products will have a general month expiration after opening. You will see this on the packaging or on the makeup bottles itself. We recommend keeping a log of when you open certain items, how long they last, their expiration date, and when you tossed them out. Before using any product, look at it and ensure that it doesn’t look different, has any mold growing from it, or smells strange. You can also do a skin test to ensure there are no reactions.


Don’t share your tools

This measure may sound a little extreme, but you don’t know how they clean or care for products. What if they don’t disinfect after each person? What if they only clean their tools once a week? These are questions you never want to ask yourself. Instead, keep your tools, products, and supplies to yourself. If you want to help another business, we recommend donating or giving them the product if you don’t want to use it anymore.

With these safety beauty product measures in tow, it’s time to make your health and beauty brand a safe place for your clients. If you just started and are looking for a place to find appointments and keep track of costs, schedules, and other business-related tasks, look no further than MOBILESTYLES. Download our app today to get started.


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