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Try These Cute Spring Hairstyles for a Fresh Look

Try These Cute Spring Hairstyles for a Fresh Look!

With the warmer season fast approaching, why not try something new from our selection of fun and trending cute spring hairstyles?

Looking for some inspiration for cute spring hairstyles for the upcoming season? You’ve come to the right place!

We round up our top spring 2022 hair trend predictions below.

Settle in as we talk you through some of the hottest cute spring hairstyles to celebrate Hairstyle Appreciation Day, covering everything from bobs to braids!


The mixie

Move over pixie cut, meet the mixie! The new mullet-meets-pixie trim is set to be huge for spring 2022. Its cropped length keeps you suitably cool on sunny days, while longer sections at the back create softness and interest. Not only is it on-trend, but it’s super low maintenance and easy to style, too!

Rounded or lion afro

Embracing natural hair remains ever-popular as we come into the warmer season, and the rounded ‘fro or “lion cut” is a great way to showcase your curls in all their beautiful glory! With regular trims, this style also helps to keep hair healthy and full of life.

‘70s mid-length layered shag

The throwback ‘70s hairstyles keep on coming, and the shag is here to stay this coming season. This effortlessly cool, messy, undone look comprises choppy layers at varying lengths. The mid-length shag is proving the most wished-for this spring, so if you fancy that rockstar look with minimal effort, this is the one to go for!


Detailed cornrows

Braids are big again this year, with patterned cornrows all the rage. Take note: Rihanna was recently spotted styling some extra small and intricate braids. We predict a plethora of different styles, colors, and shapes emerging — use this opportunity to express your personality and allow your mobile hair colorist or mobile hairstylist to get creative with it!

Classic bob

Let’s be honest, the classic bob is never really going to go away. But with ‘90s chic also seeing a resurgence of late, it’s well and truly in vogue for the sunny days ahead. Think a center parting, maybe a blunt fringe for extra impact, and a sleek, smooth finish for maximum impact.

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