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What to Expect From Your Mobile Haircut Appointment

What to Expect From Your Mobile Haircut Appointment

You’ve booked your first mobile haircut and don't know how its going to work. Don't worry, we’re here to help!

Mobile haircuts don't have to be scary. Here's how it'll go!

You’re going to you sister’s birthday party and forgot to set an appointment at your usual go-to salon. The party is in a few hours and you know waiting in line will take ages. You remember a friend mentioning they’ve been having mobile haircuts lately, and you decide that there won't be a better time to try than today!

A little prep will go a long way for you and your stylist.

Don't worry, there no need to be nervous! We’re here to guide you through the entire process of setting up your first mobile haircut and how to best prepare to make everything easier for you and your stylist.

Convenient scheduling

Even though the party is today, you'll be able to easily find a stylist in your area who is available immediately! You’ll be able to go through a variety of different stylists and decide who is best for you based on their digital portfolio provided, then you can set a time for them to be at your location. As soon as you’ve chosen your stylist and time, they’ll be ready to come start your mobile haircut!


Parking for stylist

Now that your stylist is on their way, it's best that you have somewhere for them to park so that they spend less time looking around the location for a spot. Assuming you’re in a home/apartment and can provide a spot, that would be best! If in an office location or hotel, make sure you let your stylist know of any parking accommodations they should know about beforehand so they can find their way to you without any issues arising!


Have an area prepared for your stylist's equipment

Now that they have a place to park, let's talk about a space to set up their equipment! You’re going to want to set up in a location where they can have all their equipment readily available throughout the entire haircut — preferably a sanitary location (probably not the kitchen, because no one wants stray hairs in their snacks). If you have a larger restroom, maybe you’ll be able to use some counter space for their equipment and also have the cut in there, as well, for an easier cleanup.


Set up where you'll be having your haircut

Haircuts can be a bit messy, so find a space where it'll be easiest to clean and you won't mind having a few stragglers get lost in the process — ideally, maybe a front porch or backyard. If that's not available, a large bathroom can do well, but an open living room could always work with some rearranging of the furniture, too! Any space should be fine as long as it's roomy enough for the two of you and your stylist isn't bumping into furniture!



While this won't be the case for everyone, but be sure to let anyone else who may be living in your residence know you're expecting a stylist soon. If you have pets, be sure to have them separated in another room, unless otherwise stated by your stylist (maybe they're a dog person and wouldn't mind meeting your pooch). Nothing is worse than a distracted stylist, trust us! Any small children should still be under your supervision, so maybe have a game or TV show on for them nearby in the same location as your haircut, that way they’ll be entertained while your stylist is working.

vacuum cleaner


Now that your stylist is finished, it's time to cleanup! If you own a vacuum, that would be the easiest solution and your stylist wouldn't really have to help you much there. But if you don’t have space for a vacuum, or just haven't gotten around to buying one, then your stylist will have the required tools to help make everything nice and tidy before they head out.

Now that you’ve cleaned up and your stylist is on their merry way, you’re ready for tonight! Who knew a mobile haircut could be so efficient? Well, we did! Book an appointment today with the MOBILESTYLES App and see just how easy it is!


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