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Why Booking a Mobile Pedicure Service Will be the Most Productive Hour of Your Life

Why Booking a Mobile Pedicure Service Will be the Most Productive Hour of Your Life

We know life can get pretty busy, and making time to spoil yourself can be hectic. Here is why mobile pedicure services are perfect for your busy schedule!

Mobile pedicure services are about to save you so much time!

Pedicures, while amazing, are time consuming. Anything worth having is! Making an appointment with a nail tech can be hectic sometimes, especially when you have to schedule the rest of your day based on the availability of the tech you want.

Your entire day doesn't have to revolve around when you're available to drive to the nail salon. You can set up a mobile pedicure service to have your nail tech come to your location at a time that’s convenient for you!

Let’s get those nails AND those errands done!

Convenient scheduling

Maybe you only have time during your lunch hour, or only on a certain day of the week that your favorite nail salon happens to be closed on. No worries! You can find the time that works best for you and set up an appointment with a certified nail tech who can come to you whenever and wherever (apartment, work site, hotel, you name it). Instead of spending 15 minutes of your lunch break driving to and from the nail salon, you can catch up on a few tasks you’ve been meaning to get around to at work. Your tech can be there just in time for your lunch break, and you won't have to worry about going off-site anymore!


Catch up on house chores

I love cooking, but sometimes when I have to drive to an appointment, it can be tough to really enjoy the process, and instead I’ll have a rushed, ill-prepared meal. Maybe you wanted to slow roast something in the oven, but now you don't feel safe leaving the house unsupervised. That won't be a problem if your nail tech comes to you instead! We’re all so incredibly busy, and scheduling a mobile nail tech is going to free up so much time by completely eliminating any commute and wait time at the nail salon, and will allow you to complete any at-home tasks that you may have been putting off! Maybe you have to do laundry, babysit your friend's dog, AND catch up on some work at home — no commute, no problem! Schedule your nail tech to arrive when you think you’re ready for a break, and enjoy some pampering!


Run errands that a trip to the salon wouldn't allow

Have you ever had to run multiple errands in one day that all happen to be spread about the city in the worst ways imaginable? The nail salon you usually go to might be 20 miles south of where you usually get your dry cleaning done, making your productive day seem more like a traffic-filled fiasco. It’s the most terrible feeling to spend so much of your free time stuck in traffic when you could’ve been getting some other errands done in the meantime. If you schedule a mobile pedicure service for a later time in the day instead of making the trip down to the salon, you'll be able to cut your commute in half and make space for other errands you might have wanted to complete that day! Or you can just appreciate the free time and watch some TV instead of driving and waiting in line, because you deserve a little rest!

We all love taking trips down to the nail salon for some pampering, but sometimes the commute and wait times can really complicate our already busy schedules. No need to worry about that when you book a mobile pedicure service, because you’ll be able to finish all your errands in no time! Book one of our PROs today with the MOBILESTYLES App and start taking charge of your busy schedule!


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