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4 Things NOT to do on Your Graduation Day

4 Things NOT to do on Your Graduation Day

Graduation day is on the horizon. Avoid glaring mistakes on this one-of-a-kind day you’ll remember forever.

You don’t want hot pink cheeks of embarrassment on your graduation day!

Graduation day is much more than just a simple walk on the lawn in a cap and gown. You'll be experiencing one grandstanding event after another so that you can have a jewel of a time. Want to experience every event without a hitch or problem? No worries: here are 4 tips for any graduate looking to avoid mistakes on this day to remember.

Collect your diploma knowing your day will unfold beautifully after you read our 4 tips below.

Tip #1: Don’t wear heels that are too high

Rocking a pair of high heels might be part of your fashion plan for graduation, but if they're too new or too high, they could spoil your day. Don't be a victim to embarrassment: you could trip across the stage in a new pair of heels that you struggle to walk in. Happily, "in" items for the spring are cute wedges and ballet flats. But if you've got your heart set on your newest pumps, definitely practice your walk so that you can collect your diploma with confidence, grace, and a smile!


Tip #2: Don’t neglect to decorate your cap

Stand out on your day and make your graduation cap just a little less tacky than everybody else’s. If you've got talent for turning something boring like a cap into something happily crowd-pleasing, attractive, and all-your-own, go for it. In recent years, many graduates decorate the top of their caps with funny jokes, inspiring quotes, or artwork. If you want to make a statement (and your university allows it), be full-on artsy with your graduation cap — show the world you’ve got flair and gumption!

Tip #3: Don’t zone out during the day’s speeches

Graduation speeches are long and sometimes boring. When you're tired, too excited, or too caught up with graduation day details in your head, the speech can feel like torture. Don't let that cause you to chat with your friends, use your phone, or even fall asleep when the keynote speaker is trying to connect with you and your fellow graduates. Not only would this be very rude to him or her, you'd be missing out on an advice-filled hour that all the other graduates and their families will be discussing for days.


Tip #4: Don’t leave with certain regrets

Of course you know it: graduation week will likely be the last time you see most of your fellow classmates. The day itself will mark the end of a long, wonderful chapter in your life as some terrific people you've met and known must leave the town or city of your campus for other parts of the country and world. So take our advice: don't end graduation week with any bitterness toward certain people, or regrets for not having carried out specific things. Face yourself, accomplish, and forgive, so that you can face your future with a clean conscience.


In a frenzy over your plans for graduation day? Now you know what’s important to do, or don’t do, on the big day. With our tips above, you can relax just a bit more knowing you’ll be reveling in the day with few or zero mistakes.

Our graduation day advice will help you super savor the experience! Liked what you read above? Support us by downloading the MOBILESTYLES App, or by visiting today.


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