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Color Confident Sparkly Outfit Ideas and How To Wear Them This Summer

Color Confident: Sparkly Outfit Ideas and How To Wear Them This Summer

It’s time to bust out your best glitz and glam. Here are some sparkly outfit ideas for this summer!

We’re bringing back glitz and glam with these sparkly outfit ideas!

Shiny jewelry, shimmering metals, and sequins are essential pieces for the budding fashionista.

We’ve all heard the phrase, “accessories make the outfit.” It’s true: using a bit of glitter and gold can elevate your look to the next level. But you don’t have to go full-on red carpet if you don’t want to. We’ve compiled some sparkly outfit ideas, if you wish to keep it modest or fierce.


All-white and modest

There’s no shame in dipping your toes into the water before diving head first. Gold jewelry, chunky accessories, and beautifully cut gems can be intimidating. Instead, you can opt for subtle and timeless outfits that stand the test of time — all-white outfits with splashes of yellow gold shine on their own.

Keep it casual with a breezy white top, a pair of denim pants, and your favorite gold accessories. You can enhance the look with all-white pants and a blazer or blouse.

A splash of sequin

Maybe you like to wade through the shallow end before taking a plunge into the deep. Analogies aside, using sequin pieces is one way to add a bit of charm to your look. Sequin pieces do most of the leg work, meaning less is more.

You can pair a sequin skirt with nearly any top for most occasions. Dress the look down with your favorite baggy graphic tee or a sweater. Crop tops and camis are flirtier options to keep in mind for your next cocktail party.


Bold and fierce

This is the right place if you prefer getting a running start into the deep end. You don’t have to wait for the new year or special occasions to break out full-glam looks. Elegant, stunning, and head-turning outfits can be worn on date night or can transform a typical Tuesday afternoon.

Create an elegant and demure look with a shimmering sequin mini dress. Enhance the look with subtle pieces of jewelry and a complimentary pair of strappy heels. Or go full-glam with a stunning gold dress. You can keep the look monochromatic with gold accessories and shoes. Using black heels or boots will give your outfit a distinct edge.

These are just a few of our favorite sparkly outfit ideas. You can dress with gold jewelry, sequins, and metallic materials up or down. Play around with different styles and levels of boldness. You’re sure to find a nice balance that compliments you and your wardrobe.

What are your favorite glam looks? Let us know on Instagram at


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