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4 Natural Remedies to Beat the Bloat

4 Natural Remedies to Beat the Bloat

An unexpected bloating episode can strike you at any time. Beat the bloat with these natural remedies proven to work!

When you need to beat the bloat, these food remedies can save you.

Are you a sufferer of bad bloating episodes that have you feeling down? Our all-natural, soothing remedies here will help you beat the bloat, for good. Bloating typically consists of indigestion, gas, and a swollen abdomen — all ailments that go away when you eat certain foods.

When your abdomen is as swollen as a grape, and gas attacks strike, reach out for natural food solutions to your bloating problem.


Remedy #1: Fennel seeds or fennel tea

Sure, fennel seeds may not be in your pantry as you read this — unless you've been playing chef with fancy recipes at home for a while. However, the tasty, flavorful seed is an easy thing to acquire at your nearest health food store. Pick some up! When a pinch of fennel seeds are taken at the end of a meal, its gas-reducing oils will mean your belly will bloat significantly less. To make a fennel seed tea you can sip at any time, put whole or crushed fennel seeds in a cup of boiling water that you steep for a total of 10 minutes.


Remedy #2: Ginger root or ginger tea

By containing two compounds known as gingerols and shogaols, ginger root reduces inflammation in the gut and relaxes tense intestinal muscles. Try chewing on little bits of raw ginger for a healing fix, if you can handle the taste. If you can't, taking daily supplements of powdered ginger root would help ease any case of bloating. To create ginger tea, cut very thin slices of ginger root and steep in boiling water for 10 minutes. Before sipping on it, add honey and lemon juice, to taste.


Remedy #3: Watch your beans

Beans are a tasty staple during the cold weather months and a good source of protein. However, the kind of extra fiber they introduce to your diet can give way to wretched bloating. When your gut processes the beans, the sugars in them break down, leading to gas buildup that can make you feel heavy and uncomfortable. A solution is to soak beans overnight before cooking, which makes them easier on digestion, and softer and tastier to eat, as well.

Remedy #4: Have a banana snack

If you're bloated beyond belief, some extra fiber that is easy-to-digest can help move things down your gut. Ripe bananas are just the bloat-busting, fiber-packed remedy to help you with digestion and bowel movements. The potassium in this fruit also helps balance fluid levels in your body. Unripe bananas, however, are typically harder on the digestive system: they create gas buildup in the short-run. So, be mindful to only eat ripe bananas that are kind on both your belly and body.

Diminish the gas and beat the bloat for good! Our 4 all-natural food remedies will give you sighing relief from bloating and allow you to happily keep your belt unloosened, when regularly eaten or sipped.

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