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Piercing Aftercare You Must be Aware of

Piercing Aftercare You Must be Aware of

Just got a new piercing? Be smart, and learn all about piercing aftercare here.

These piercing aftercare tips just have a good ring to them.

About 83% of Americans have some sort of body piercing. About 10-30% of these people get infections around the pierced area due to the lack of care. You don’t want to be another statistic. Instead, check out this piercing aftercare guide.

Learn how to care for your piercing below!

New piercing care

Getting a new piercing is exciting, but can also be dangerous if you don’t care for it properly. Here are some tips to remember while caring for your new piercing:

  • Don’t touch the piercing unless you are cleaning it.
  • Don’t remove your jewelry, or the hole will shrink.
  • Piercings (including healed piercings) that are not cleaned daily may smell unpleasant.
  • Jewelry should not rotate or move freely in most piercings, even after healing.


Body piercing care

Each part of the body has additional steps and instructions. Always talk to the technician after getting pierced if it’s on a body part that you’ve never pierced before. Here are some basics to help you:

  • Wash your hands.
  • Either spray the saline directly on the piercing to liberally flush the piercing, or soak a non-woven gauze in saline and apply that to the piercing.
  • Clean away any debris that may have collected on the jewelry around the piercing.
  • Use mild soap once a day for additional cleaning (optional).

What to avoid during the healing process

With every new piercing, here are the things you need to avoid to make sure it heals smoothly:

  • Avoid touching your piercing, except when you’re cleaning it.
  • Avoid oral contact or contact with other people’s body fluids.
  • Avoid using any aftercare products or ointments that were not suggested by your technician.
  • Avoid getting lotions and/or makeup in or around your piercing.
  • Avoid pools, hot tubs, lakes, rivers, etc. Using a waterproof, breathable bandage (such as Tegaderm) is a viable option for some piercings.

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