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5 Types of Cute Earrings for Teens

5 Types of Cute Earrings for Teens

You’re never too young to accessorize! Here are 5 types of cute earrings for teens.

Calling all the mamas out there — check out these cute earrings for teens.

No matter what decade, teenagers love to accessorize, and one of the first places they adorn is their ear lobes. If you have a young teen and want to give them a sweet gift, check out these 5 different types of cute earrings for teens.

P.S. They’re great for adults too!

Find their next perfect pair below!


The first type of earrings that are hot on a teen’s shopping list are resin earrings, and the funny thing is that your teen may not even know the earrings they like are resin earrings! The cool thing about resin is that you can mold it into any shape, color, texture, or design. You can even add fun things inside like glitter, shapes, and more.



Today’s youth is obsessed with all things astrology. From the moon to the stars, and across the entire universe, you see young adults and teenagers repping outer space. Space earrings consist of stars, the moon, the sun, and planets. If you want your teen to start simple, check out these earrings from Shein.


Clay polymer earrings became increasingly popular during the pandemic. These earrings are typically handmade and designed by someone and then sold online or at markets. If you or your teen are crafty people, you can try your hand at creating some of these bad boys yourselves!


Back in the day, gold chain necklaces and bracelets were the hottest accessories, and now chain earrings (of any color) are hitting the scene. These chain earrings can drop down or even attach to another piercing. Some even have additional stones or charms, like these Double Stud Chain Earrings from OtheliaJewelsShop.


Do you remember how obsessed you were with butterflies in the ‘90s? Well, now so are your teenagers! There are a variety of top-selling butterfly earrings at many of the stores your kids like to frequent. From hoops and studs to wrap-around and drop earrings, you’re bound to find the right pair for your teen. We love these butterfly hoop earrings from Shein!

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