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Chunky Hair Highlights are Back in Style

Chunky Hair Highlights are Back in Style!

From French manicures to chunky hair highlights, the ‘90s and Y2K beauty trends are back and better than ever!

We are having a major ‘90s resurgence right now, meaning chunky hair highlights are back.

If you’re looking for a fresh and trendy new look for the summer, then some highlights may be the perfect next move for you!

I don’t know about you, but I love when trends come back in a modern and elevated way. Right now, there’s no denying that the ‘90s and Y2K beauty moments are influencing current looks, and I’m here for it. When it comes to hairstyles, the chunky hair highlights look is becoming extremely popular with celebrities and influencers. However, the new chunky highlights aren’t the typical zebra-looking stripes you saw in the early ‘90s — they’re much more elevated.

What are chunky highlights?

Chunky highlights are two-toned highlights that can help in framing your face and adding dimension to your hair. Now more commonly known as the “money piece,” these highlights add depth but still appear subtle.


How to achieve the look

Like with any new hairstyle, it is best to show your hairstylist reference photos in advance. This way they know what you want and can prepare for the day off. As for maintenance, you’ll want to schedule a touch-up every six to 10 weeks (how blended you like the color to be and how close it is to the root will determine most of this time frame). To keep your highlights looking bright, it’s good practice to only use products designed to care for color-treated hair. Another great tip is to use a cool setting on your blow dryer or a lower heat setting on your curler/flat iron, as the color in the highlights tend to fade with heat.

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