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Men 5 Ways a Visiting Barber Makes Your Life More Perfect

Men: 5 Ways a Visiting Barber Makes Your Life More Perfect

It's time you tried out the ultimate gentleman experience — a perfect haircut, clean shave, and relaxing time with a visiting barber.

Relax and treat yourself by splurging on a visiting barber!

Have you ever considered booking a visiting barber to your home so you can continually get a super professional haircut and shave that other men envy? It's always important to get yourself looking and feeling your best. Trust us: it’s the perfect way to decompress and unwind while simultaneously becoming more handsome.

Booking yourself an at-home visiting barber is a fab way to relax and look sharp.

Reason #1: Experience a sanctuary for men in your home

If you're always on the go, a proper barbershop isn't available in your area, or the local barbers are always too busy, book a visiting barber PRO to go to your home so you can soak up some much needed grooming attention. The barber can likely choose a soundtrack for the mood that suits your fancy — tunes that jive with your inner sense of masculinity. The whole idea is that you relax as you pick up a close shave and a sleek haircut.


Reason #2: A good barber is an excellent provider of what you want

Barbers everywhere are born to interpret and find out exactly what the customer wants — even if they have vague ideas. Because most barbers work hard to satisfy customers over the years, they've learned to understand all requests by speaking “male-ese” just right. Whether you're initially looking for a low fade, a buzz cut, or even a mullet — your barber will ask the right questions, give you the best hair advice, and ultimately know what style would suit you best.

Reason #3: The close shave

Allowing anyone to put a razor close to your neck might sound terrifying; however, it could turn out to be the most relaxing experience you'll know in years. First, the skin is prepped for shaving by applying a hot towel that's been sprayed with essential oils. This softens skin, opens pores, and makes shaving a million times easier. Shaving cream or foam is then slathered onto the face with a specialized brush, making you feel good. This is followed by a micro-close shave that all barbers are famous for.


Reason #4: You get to chit-chat wonderfully

Your hour with the visiting barber is one where a real moment of exchange can be struck — one that can even turn into a bonafide friendship over time. Being a fellow man, your visiting barber can talk about sports, cars, politics, love lives, and even give his advice on any of your in-chair confessions. All these topics strictly fall under PRO-client confidentiality.

Reason #5: It’s a tradition

A visiting barber can be booked for attending to pairs or groups. Around special occasions, in particular, the visiting barber is becoming a must-have for male bonding experiences in pairs or groups. The idea is that friendships are strengthened and bonds are made, which makes the experience so much more than a haircut and shave. Men in a family can especially love booking a PRO — that's when the visiting barber can become a family tradition worth having in a household.


Whether you're tidying up your beard or going completely fresh-faced, a visiting barber will make you feel sharp, manly, and handsome. Book a PRO to give you a good haircut and a micro-close shave, any time!

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