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4 Ancient Beauty Secrets for a Radiant Life

4 Ancient Beauty Secrets for a Radiant Life

Stay away from the newfangled! We’ve cracked the books and read up on ancient beauty secrets that older generations know work like a charm.

What a treat! Oldies but goodies can be found among the ancient beauty secrets below.

Whether you’re age 20, 40, or 60, you may be too young for your own good to know what effectively works to improve your looks and health. When you’re tired of following the latest fads that have disappointed you time and time again, it’s time to turn to the very oldest advice out there — ancient beauty secrets that are typically word-of-mouth.

Here are old-timer secrets that tap into trusty reservoirs of wisdom!


Ancient secret #1: Clean hands means clear skin

In a world where all beauty mavens are perpetually trying to keep acne spots away, the best solution, according to the old-timers, may be the simplest one: keep your hands clean. Your own grandma can tell you that when you frequently wash your hands, fugly bacteria and viruses that cause a myriad of problems — from sickness, to acne spots, to adverse body odors — are fully kept at bay.

People often try to address acne spots with cosmetic creams and gels, and while these can address the problem effectively, clean hands (and a clean face and neck) can keep the bacteria that cause acne from ever flourishing in a pore in the first place. Needless to say, clean hands are always a good policy during the times of COVID-19! When you clean your hands, you’re helping general society stay disease-free, making the issue of hand hygiene to be an all-important global matter, rather than just being about you.

Ancient secret #2: Extra chewing helps digestion

Granted, we’re not ruminants that spend the whole day chewing and chewing grass, but we are people who have good sets of teeth. Old-timer wisdom dictates that spending additional time chewing your food not only improves digestion by stimulating saliva and stomach-fluid production, but is also intelligent: the chewing stage is the only time your food ever comes across the body’s teeth — so that big chunks of food are easily turned into bits that make digestion a snap.

The smaller the bits, the better for your body, which is why chewing is something you should be highly mindful about. NOT wolfing down your food is the biggest game-changer for your body’s food breakdown process. Proper chewing can cut down a food’s total digestion time by a mile and leads to more efficiency, which means you get more out of a day’s meal than if you didn’t chew much at all.

With better digestion, more nutrition is bio-available, which means better health and beauty looks in general. What a fact to swallow: chewing better can ultimately make you look good!


Ancient secret #3: Spring for tropical fruits instead of candy

Gray-haired wisdom has it right, yet again: opting to eat exotic, tropical fruits is wonderful for your general health and beauty. When you stick to eating exotic fruits, the wide range of nutrients found in each fruit — everything from antioxidants, to vitamins, potassium, beta-carotene, and more — means you get an extra punch of goodness with every bite.

Hank Dart, of the Siteman Cancer Center, agrees with the old-timer advice that if you have a sweet tooth, you should opt for a sweet, exotic tropical fruit — like mango, papaya, pineapple, star fruit, or others — as they are much better substitutes for candy products and soda pop, which have too much processed, refined sugar. Teach your appetite to spring for sweet fruit if you’re in the mood for sweet food, he says. Plus, this is well in keeping with what grandpa always said: eating ample fruit a day keeps the doctor away.


Ancient secret #4: Digestive aids optimize nutrition

The body is miraculous — the way the digestive system turns any big food item into nano-nutrients is a process worth attending medical school to study; but turning big food into micro-small nutrients is a process with which the body needs all the help it can get. The science indicates that by regularly ingesting a digestive aid supplement, herb, or tea, you ward off any and all present and future digestive problems. Older generations agree — even just a gentle digestive aid can make your body all the more effective in digesting food.

With better digestion comes better nutritional absorption, followed by more nutrients traveling a straight path to your body’s cells, which ultimately means greater health and beauty. Vibrant and radiant health can be had when your body works more optimally; and simply put — you feel better, productively perform better, and look better, too.

The above are folksy, old-timer variations of ancient beauty secrets that value good health, good logic, and good beauty. Common-sensical, no-nonsense, and down-to-earth, our tips are chock full of effectiveness!

The jury is in — old-timer secrets to health and beauty rock. Eager for more stellar advice? Download the MOBILESTYLES App: today!


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