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Denim Trends 2022 That Were Loving and How To Style Them

Denim Trends 2022 That We’re Loving and How To Style Them

Discover the top denim trends 2022 and how to style them to achieve an effortlessly chic look!

We’ve hand-picked our favorite denim trends 2022!

Check out this year's most wanted denim looks!

Denim: it never goes out of fashion, yet designs are forever changing and evolving. Try these denim trends 2022 to spice up your outfit game this season.

Baggy jeans all the way

It’s fair to say that skinny jeans are majorly out right now, and baggy jeans are occupying a huge part of the trending denim styles this year. And honestly? The baggier, the better. We’re talking Mom, Dad, and even skater styles a la early Avril Lavigne!

Style with:

To balance out your look, pairing looser and more fitted items together always works well. For a simple spring-summer vibe, try some ultra-baggy jeans with a pair of flat ballerina pumps or casual canvas shoes and a basic strappy tank top or tee. And if the weather cools off later in the day? Chuck on your comfiest hoodie — baggy on baggy grunge can work just as well!


The classic oversized denim jacket

Denim jackets have gone in and out of fashion countless times throughout the years, but as oversized styles remain at the forefront of trending looks in 2022, they’re a brilliantly versatile staple to have in your collection.

Style with:

OK, hear us out on this one: jeans! Double denim has been slowly creeping its way back into vogue and we’re all over how it looks. Want to avoid looking too matchy-matchy? Then try mixing up the colors — a slouchy light wash denim jacket combined with some well-fitted black Mom jeans and a neutrally colored tee is an absolute winner every time.

Y2K low-rise vibes

OK, so granted this look might not be for everyone, but there’s no getting away from the fact that vibrantly colored butterfly clips, patterned handkerchief tops, and diamanté encrusted shades are well and truly back with a bang for 2022. And the low-rise jean is the ultimate nod to the eclectic Y2K styles that we’re seeing just about everywhere right now.

Style with:

Recreate some fierce noughties nostalgia by coupling your go-to pair of low-rise jeans with a crop top if you’re feeling brave, or a turtle neck if you’re looking to feel slightly less exposed. Either way, to make this kind of outfit really sing, it’s all about the accessories. Think wide belts and chokers for the ultimate Y2K recreation!

Which denim trends 2022 will you be hopping on? We’d love to see how you style your ultimate pair of jeans or denim jacket. Tag us on socials @mobilestylesapp on Insta, Facebook, or Twitter with your most-loved fits.


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