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Scent of Success The Benefits of Perfume

Scent of Success: The Benefits of Perfume

There are so many benefits of perfume. But when it comes to fragrance, think less is more.

There are many benefits of perfume!

It’s time for the big interview. You’re nervous. You want to make a good impression. A big part of your “getting ready” routine is spraying on some perfume or cologne, but the question is: should you wear a fragrance to an interview? The answer is: maybe. There are many benefits to perfume, but, as with everything, it’s best to use it in moderation. If you ask someone in human resources, they are going to tell you to absolutely NOT wear perfume or cologne. There are ways to do it correctly, however, and we’ve got you covered!

When you smell good, you feel good.

Don’t wear too much

You know those people who seem like they bathed in their cologne or perfume? The people you can smell from about 15 feet away? Yeah… don’t do that for a job interview. What you would wear out with friends or what you think your date would like is NOT the same thing you should wear to an interview. A job interview compares to neither one of those scenarios, so keep it simple and light.


The type of fragrance matters

Just like you wouldn’t wear too much perfume or cologne to a job interview, you also should be aware of what type of perfume or cologne you wear. The same scent you wear for your romantic night out on the town should not be worn for a job interview. Let’s just say, you don’t want anyone at your job interview commenting on your fragrance. Keep it neutral, fresh, clean, and light. Test it out ahead of time with a friend to make sure it’s appropriate.


Remember that you might sweat

Just like fragrances can enhance your experience, the opposite can happen with body odor. Remember that fragrances can get stronger on a warmer body. Don’t try to cover up body odor with perfume or cologne. Do your best to stay cool before your big moment, because just like pleasant scents can leave an impression, so can bad scents — but not the impression you’re likely going for.

Nonverbal communication by what you’re wearing, along with fragrances, can go a long way in making a good first impression. Just like you’ll want to style down for a job interview, you’ll want to tone down the perfume and cologne, as well. Keep it professional.

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