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Check Out This Seasons Hottest Tough Guy Haircuts

Check Out This Season’s Hottest Tough Guy Haircuts

Tough guy haircuts are back in vogue, and these are the coming season's most-wanted styles.

PSA: tough guy haircuts are in this season!

Get some inspiration for your next trim from these edgy styles.

The edgy look is just about everywhere right now. Here are some of the most wanted tough guy haircuts for the current season, as well as our expert guidance on what to ask your stylist for to help you achieve this messy, bad boy vibe.

The disconnected undercut

For those blessed enough to have a sharp, square, or rectangular jawline, this style will only serve to accentuate it. It also works well for men with longer styles who are looking to mix it up for summer without losing all of that wonderful length. Your stylist will likely know what you’re referring to if you reference a disconnected undercut, but if you need to elaborate, ask for tightly shaved sides with no fade and longer, scissor-cut lengths on top. It may take some styling in the mornings to get it just right, but we think it’s totally worth it!


The faux hawk

Looking for something even more daring, but not quite willing to go full mohawk? Step in the faux hawk! This adaptable look creates that classic silhouette without all the scary commitment. To achieve the style, ask your stylist for a tapered clipper shave at the back and sides, allowing more length on top with a longer fringe at the front, all ready to be spiked up to your liking. And if you have enough length on top, why not add a wave or curl some days for an alternative look?

The shaggy bob

Think classic Kurt Cobain, this longer men’s style simply screams out ‘90s grunge. You’ll want to request a lot of choppy layers, a length just above the shoulders, and perhaps even ask to add in some highlights or chunks of color through the ends of the hair for a more tousled, textured effect. The best thing about it? Your messy bed hair only adds to the unkempt, bad boy look — so go ahead and enjoy those extra minutes in bed in the morning!

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