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Brain Superfoods You Can Snack on Throughout the Day

Brain Superfoods You Can Snack on Throughout the Day

Snacking on brain superfoods throughout the day can keep you sharp, focused, and healthy.

Adding brain superfoods to your diet or snacking on them throughout the day is one way you can prevent cognitive decline.

One of the best ways you can stay sharp and improve cognition is through your diet.

We all know how important our hearts, kidneys, and physical health overall are. But what about our brains? The brain is like the CPU of a computer, as it controls nearly everything in the body — your heart, lungs, movement, and cognition are all impacted by your brain. You can maintain your cognition and stay in peak condition by eating brain superfoods.



You've probably already heard that blueberries are a superfood, right? Blueberries are nutritious, low in calories, and contain numerous health benefits. One of the advantages of eating this superfood are the antioxidants. The antioxidants found in blueberries can help fight oxidative stress and inflammation, which negatively impact brain function and accelerate the aging process.

One study found that adults who supplemented blueberry juice for 12 weeks experienced improvements in certain brain functions. Another study found that consuming more blueberries and strawberries could delay mental aging by 2.5 years.

Snacking on blueberries throughout the day might help keep your brain sharp. Try eating them raw as a midday snack. Or you can add blueberries to some morning yogurt or make a smoothie!

Dark chocolate

You didn't expect candy to be on this list, did you? Dark chocolate and cocoa powder are other nutrient-packed, brain-boosting superfoods you can add to your diet.

Dark chocolate contains flavonoids which are a category of antioxidant plant compounds. These compounds gather in the brain's locations that control learning and memory. Multiple studies have linked dark chocolate with enhanced memory and a decrease in age-related mental decline.

Adding a bit of dark chocolate to your diet could increase your mental performance over the long run. Try eating a piece of dark chocolate as a reward throughout the day. Be sure to look for brands that contain 70-80% cocoa, as they're the most beneficial.


Nuts are another brain superfood you can snack on throughout the day. Nuts are heart-healthy food and contain nutrients such as healthy fats, antioxidants, and vitamin E.

One study found that regular consumption of nuts could reduce the chance of poor cognition by up to 40%. More specifically, adding walnuts to your diet could improve your memory and cognition.

Snacking on brain superfoods throughout the day might improve your cognition and slow mental decline over the long run. Foods like blueberries, walnuts, and dark chocolate are easy ways to add nutritious foods to your diet.

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