Overcoming insomnia can feel helpless, so we’re busting out our best advice for you!

Suffering through a string of sleepless nights? We’ve all been there, and some of us at MOBILESTYLES have been to hell and back trying and testing a few remedies that we guarantee work well. The following are a compilation of 4 overcoming insomnia remedies that have all helped in finally catching the sleep fairy.

Dig into our 4 remedies that will have you reaching great shut-eye at night.

Tip #1: Read a boring book

On the nights when your mind is still hooked on thinking, it’s wise to feed it with material that is boring, sedate, and lengthy so the mind gets what it wants: light mental activity that goes on for a prolonged period, but of the kind that — slowly and surely — has you feeling drowsier the more boring the text is. When you engage in mental activity that requires an elevated level of concentration, such as finding a solution to a problem, or recalling incidents in utmost clarity, your brain gets more active, ergo making it less likely you’ll get some decent shut-eye.

Low-concentration reading tasks slowly turn your brain off, with the words you read lulling your brain to sleep. And nothing will make your eyes heavy faster than a boring book. FYI: Stick to bound paper books when you’re battling sleeplessness, rather than your tablet or smartphone. The blue light emitted from the screens of most electronics stimulates your brain too much.

You can find a list of popular, sleep-inducing titles here.