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Stay Organized The Best Paper Products for Getting Ahead as a PRO

Stay Organized! The Best Paper Products for Getting Ahead as a PRO

Want to come across as a classy, organized PRO with your clients? Embrace more paper products in your biz — these will make you stand out by a mile!

Paper products can lend a classic and traditional touch to your biz materials!

When you’re feeling frazzled with too many apps, software, tech, and electronic records burning up time in your life, change to more paper products. These fine, tried-and-true materials will help you stay super-organized while introducing flair to your marketing materials — the kind that impresses clients.

Here, we dish the dirt on four kinds of paper-based products that can revolutionize your PRO business!


Tip #1: “Promise” cards

Print beautiful palm-sized cards that you will hand out to clients as “I Promise You a Favor” cards. Beautifully designed and with a statement along the lines of: “Congratulations! You have received an ‘I Promise You a Favor’ card from Mary Smith.” These cards are special, once-in-a-blue-moon kind of cards that you hand out to clients who you feel deserve an extra “treat” of a favor from you as a PRO.

The card should always have an expiration date, so that the client feels motivated to exchange the card for your kind business favor within a reasonable timeframe. At the time of giving out the card, you simply explain what kinds of favors he or she can expect from you in the future, and just like that, you can expect the client to think of you more often and even be a little touched by this highly personable gift!

Tip #2: “Thank you” notes

If you’ve been blessed with good handwriting or have a super rad signature, going the extra mile of whipping out a memo pad, jotting down a note, and signing the piece will not only impress your clients, but also lend a personalized aspect to your business. Not sure this will revolutionize your biz? Trust us, it will!

With the right, cute message and a funny line here or there, your impromptu thank you notes will endear your clients and have you come across as an especially warm and thoughtful person. Receiving a thank you note can be a real treat, considering how rare handwritten notes are these days. PRO tip: Consider investing in a beautiful pen, so that the effect of the high-quality ink on paper looks good!


Tip #3: Take down notes onto a paper journal or notepad

As a PRO, it’s valuable to stand out as a person who asks the right questions and takes down notes during any insightful meeting you have with an important person. Imagine yourself a journalist, but live the role of one, too; because when you take down notes and strive to ask powerful questions, the other party walks aways from the conversation having felt greatly listened to and respected. As a result, that person will likely help you more in the future.

Actually being a gatherer of valuable information and facts can pay off major dividends for you as a PRO trying to grow your business. Who knows? That one silver-haired client, or neighbor at a party, can give you life-saving information on how to further expand your biz, get you out of debt, or give you the name of somebody important. Carry a pen and paper notepad with you always when socializing or out-and-about, in order to maximize striking gold with clients and non-clients, alike.

Tip #4: 10-year paper calendars

According to Mobile Technology Product, using the correct organizational tools can improve time management by 38%. One of these that will undoubtedly “make” your productivity as a PRO is the 10-year paper calendar. By buying and using this paper-based tool — the bigger, the better — more free time opens up, scheduling your life becomes easier, and you have the opportunity to pen in days that are a few years into the future.

This is why paper can be better than electronic: it’s simply less of a hassle than electronic tracking, and a highly dependable way to ensure that you don’t lose a reminder of when-to-do-this or when-to-do-that. Your overall organization is boosted by 100%!


Fall in love with paper products! The above paper tools are a sure-fire way to help you come across as a true PRO to clients and tidy up your organization. Depending on paper more will keep you from burning out on tech — guaranteed!

Our above advice will have you better organized as a PRO. Other gems of advice to support your biz can be found by downloading the MOBILESTYLES App, or by visiting today.


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