Helping your local business charity can reward you handsomely as a PRO.

Putting more hours into your job isn’t the only way to have a more lucrative business as a PRO. One (happier) way is to help out a business charity from time to time. From expanding your network to learning new ways to market yourself, a solid charity link can benefit you tremendously!

What follows? 4 solid gold reasons for why you, as a PRO, should be more heart-centered.

You can’t get ahead in this world without directly receiving help from the world. Have you ever thought about joining forces, even if it’s just a few scant hours or donation dollars a week, with a charity so that your business as a PRO grows? Here are a few good reasons aligning yourself with a charity would make you prosper:


Point #1: You can claim tax deductible benefits

When you decide to volunteer and help out a charity, you can claim tax deductible benefits with the IRS on all expenses connected to your volunteer work. Moreover, you can claim tax deductions on donations to any charity authorized to grant these benefits. These are gifts that keep on giving, as tax deductions give you the power to invest in PRO tools and equipment that you can use for your volunteer work, as well as for your regular biz.

Another perk? Saving on mileage. So long as your charity of choice is located near the neighborhoods you typically cater to, you can write off a part of your total commute expenses to your charity work. All these write-offs add up, particularly in the early stages of setting up your PRO biz, so you’re investing less of your personal money. For just a few volunteering hours a week — which will have you gaining experience and confidence at the same time, as well as client references — your business will be that much closer to taking off!

Point #2: Volunteer so you can eventually set up a charity yourself

When you get involved with charities, it’s vital to gain an understanding of how they work, how they fundraise, how they’re organized, etc., so maybe you yourself could one day launch a charity organization serving a mission in life you love. A good idea is to not just volunteer in a position that taps into your cosmetologist chops, but to eventually take on volunteering gigs that deal with fundraising, grant writing, staff management, and more.

For example, learning how to draft an especially good grant proposal is an especially good way to generate the money that will set up your dream charity — one that more or less banks on your skills as a PRO. It’s important NOT to have your personal money go into setting up the charity, as your personal money should only be earmarked for big and small expenses that you cannot afford to not pay, such as food, rent, retirement, and family investments in safe haven assets that, at minimum, offset inflation, even if only partially.

Don’t be afraid. In America, there are plenty of entities who could extend you a grant, such as a private business, a foundation, a government entity, another business charity, a board of philanthropically minded investors, or a combination of any or all of these. The opportunities abound for charities focused on making people look and feel better. Dream to run such a charity yourself — the world needs a cosmetologist PRO who knows how to beautify the underprivileged while running the whole charity show from top to bottom! You can do it.