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Our Top 3 Nail Polish Organization and Storage Hacks

Our Top 3 Nail Polish Organization and Storage Hacks

Check out these inspired nail polish organization hacks to make sorting your collection a breeze!

We’ve got some nail polish organization tips to get your collection in order!

Easily reorganize your polishes with these simple hacks!

Most of us are guilty of having a messy cosmetics drawer, cabinet, or vanity at one time or another. And if you love all things nails, you probably have an array of products just screaming out to be tidied up! Luckily, there are plenty of clever nail polish organization tips that can help you to streamline your collection.

Clear cosmetics organizers

If you like to be able to access your polishes with ease, then this one’s for you. No more rummaging around and picking out the same shade over and over again because it just so happens to be on top! Have all your products within reach and see at a glance what you have with an acrylic organizer. Simply place right on top of your vanity, and voila!


Picture shelving

Picture ledges are another great and affordable option for organizing your nail polish. They’re easy to get hold of and can work especially well for those with large numbers of polishes to sort and display. Usually used to hold pictures in frames, simply attach them to your wall and effortlessly show off your polishes in rows. Bonus points if they’re color-coded!

Drawer storage

If you’d rather have your polishes neatly tucked away somewhere, utilizing a spare drawer can be a great way to do so. Worried you won’t know which polish is which if you can only see the top of the bottle? No problem, simply dot a small piece of each color on the top of the lid, and you’ll easily be able to identify them!

Are you a neat freak who loves to have their cosmetics methodically arranged? Show off your nail polish organization hacks and tag us in your pics @mobilestylesapp on Insta, Twitter, or Facebook!


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