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How Augmented Reality in Beauty is Shaping the Future of the Industry

How Augmented Reality in Beauty is Shaping the Future of the Industry

Fad or revolution? The jury is out on whether augmented reality in beauty trials and shopping campaigns will make life easier for all beauty mavens.

The word through the MOBILESTYLES grapevine: augmented reality in beauty is here!

Do you love what digitized face reading does for the world today? If you’re a fan of app and social media filters that lend you a comical look — say, a bunny face and ears (which always score you a giggle) — then you could be a fan of the latest makeup shopping apps built on augmented reality in beauty technology.

Worth a try? Definitely! It can make your makeup shopping experience fun and easy.

What is augmented reality technology?

Augmented reality (AR) tech, when talking about its growing role in the beauty industry, is any form of simple or complex technology — today, mainly apps — that digitally apply brand makeup products to a face captured via a smart gadget camera.

The possibilities are endless and smack of the future: want to try a specific (digitized) Clinique color of lipstick on a portrait picture/live-action video of yourself? It can be done. Ditto for Dior eyeshadow and Chanel blush — even a popular foundation you’ve been aching to try! Yes, the future has arrived, and the potential for upping the fun factor while saving you time (and the hassle) of shopping in the real world, is very much within easy reach.


What’s the grand AR-in-beauty-industry hoopla about?

AR technology has been around for years, again, popularly as live-action comical face filters, snaps of which you’ve definitely seen published on social media. However, specialized AR beauty tech proliferated and evolved by leaps and bounds during the pandemic, when bored individuals — forced to stay in their homes during lockdowns — wanted a safe, indoor experience of trying on colors, playing with the makeup potentials of their face, and even shopping for specific brand shades of colors when they found the digitized application of a specific color too tempting to pass up!


What are the benefits of this line of beauty industry technology?

AR tech is being introduced to new audiences everywhere and could signal a real change for how individuals test, try, sample and ultimately buy makeup products everywhere. The AR experience checks the spread of disease by keeping us from trying on on-the-rack makeup trial samples already shared by many other women, downsizes the crowds at retail makeup stores, enlarges the e-commerce economic pie (during lean pandemic times), and introduces a fun factor to the shopping experience that has people everywhere gabbing about and happily sharing their results on social media.

What are the caveats to AR?

Today’s AR doesn’t quite replace the surefire experience of trying on makeup in-store, and falling in love with the real world applications of the cosmetic product in question — a sweet experience in itself.

What are the hopes of the AR tech’s developers?

Well, they all say the technology may be ripening into a more sophisticated one. We may be on the verge of an AR breakthrough that could vastly improve the beauty shopping experience for everyone.

An AR app that banks upon the latest and greatest in smart gadget camera tech, for example, could eventually resolve skin texture issues when a woman “tries on” digitized makeup colors. “Hybrid” shopping possibilities, for example, could have women eventually stop by a brand-sponsored space to capture footage of themselves in a specially well-lit, outfitted studio-like atmosphere. The concept of this “hybrid” project hinges on the idea that women only need occasional PRO-shot footage to start trying and shopping for makeup products from the safety and comfort of their own home. These could pop up and become commonplace in the future.

Again, this is just one of many possibilities. Others could rise up. However, all tech experts agree: the more people turn to the internet to satisfy their passions for beauty color trials, the sooner brands and tech developers can crank out solutions that have societies experiencing a new beauty shopping revolution of the future.

In yesteryear, we could hardly imagine that most people would be working from their homes; today, that futuristic reality has arrived. The same could happen for AR cosmetics shopping — believe it and maybe, just maybe, the term “21st Century” could take on a more decidedly futuristic bend. We live in thrilling times, indeed.


What are you waiting for? Because your feedback and input helps the industry, check out an augmented reality in beauty industry app today to see if it’s an experience worthy of a genuine thumbs-up!

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