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5 Fascinating Hair Care Science Facts Explained

5 Fascinating Hair Care Science Facts, Explained

We’ve dug in deep to find the best hair care science facts out there! Knowing them puts you on the path to firmly learning how best to beautify your hair.

Our hair care science facts illuminate a straight path to having beautiful hair, at last!

The field of hair care science can be your friend when you’re out trying to find that holiest of holy grails — beautiful hair that is silky-smooth, shiny, and striking to all. Knowing the facts that scientists are in-the-know about can help you interpret what hair care products to buy and what hair care routines to adopt, as well as make you a bonafide beauty expert — the kind your friends turn to when curious about what does and doesn’t work.

Here, we delve into 5 science-based facts about hair care for your beauticious benefit!

Fact #1: The order of your hair care routine matters

There’s a specific order for getting hair care right, which is why you should always stick to it. When you deviate from the proper steps to caring for your hair, your hair products become less effective in delivering their promised benefits. Did you know? Shampoo and conditioner are musts in the order of your hair care routine. Not persuaded? Know that the right pair of shampoo and conditioner exists out there for you, no matter your hair type.

Shampoos were made to clean and remove hair product buildup and grease while refreshing hair fiber surfaces. Conditioners, in turn, optimally condition the hair surface and deliver key active nutrients to the core of the hair fiber. Post-head wash, occasionally turn to special hair treatments to improve the look and feel of your hair. These can include hair-nourishing serums on dry ends to overnight mask caps for the best deep conditioning.

As you await the next shower, second-day hair styling products such as salt spray or dry shampoo can do wonders for having your hair look fabulous and fresh. Building and using an arsenal of hair products will have your hair looking its best for a long time.

In America, 80% of women wash their hair two to three times a week, or more frequently. Yet, only a third use hair styling tools or products once a week or less often, says The NPD Group. Good news: 34% of women use hair treatments regularly. Scalp treatments and hair masks, in particular, were more popular in 2021 than in 2019, the research group found.


Fact #2: Don’t neglect your scalp

Scalps are an area of the skin that people everywhere forget to think about, yet being consistent and diligent about your scalp care is key to good head health and prettier hair. Address the effects of pollution on your scalp and general body skin! Typically, polluted urban areas mean more toxins and pollutants that collect on your scalp over time. Urban dust particles, for example, can land on your hair and diminish shine. The solution? More frequent washings.

If dandruff is a common complaint of yours, know that it consists of an overgrowth of a fungus — similar to yeast — that feeds on a buildup of dead skin and oils. Again, more regular washings, ideally, with a detoxifying scalp scrub, are the solution. This can exfoliate your scalp and keep it very clean. If you have a dry scalp with the presence of small to mid-sized dusty flakes, focus on moisturizing your scalp, instead.

Fact #3: Color-enhanced hair care is different than regular hair care

Colorants can be quite harsh on the hair. The structures of protein that make your hair strong, resilient, and flexible — such as the cuticle, matrix, and cortex — are adversely affected when you choose to heighten your hair with color. When the hair is too damaged, it’s more prone to color loss, which is when dye molecules fade out of these vulnerable, weakened, and porous hair strands, leaving your hair more drab.

This is why you should embrace expert-level color maintenance, which is all about using gentle hair products to repair damaged hair and enhance color vibrancy. Opt for sulfate-free cleansing conditioners that clean and detangle hair in one step, while keeping your dyed hair color very much alive.


Fact #4: Perpetually shiny hair can be had

Most people think shine depends on the surface level of your hair strands, but this is not the truth: shine actually largely depends on the condition of your hair fibers. Light can travel right through the broken internal structure of damaged hair, when the goal is to have it deflect from the surface so that the effect of shine is there.

The key to a deep shine is to work with your hair by replenishing it from the inside-out. A deep hair conditioning treatment can rebuild the protein structure from within and optimize the look of the hair fiber so that shine is successfully emitted. So long as the hair remains undamaged and healthy, with the right regular conditioning, shine is much more likely to be exhibited.

Fact #5: Nutrition, hormones, and stress affect hair

Nutrition is an influencer in how your hair grows and looks to the outside world. The science dictates that the consumption of specific oils and amino acids in your diet leads to more hair growth. Despite the hair fiber being made up of nonessential amino acids, which the body produces, these do not hail from diet. Optimal nutrition improves skin quality everywhere and leads to a healthier scalp, which can have an impact on how your hair looks.

Hormone imbalances impact the look of your hair by affecting the natural oils the scalp produces that get on your hair. As we get older and our hormones change, a dry scalp leads to dry hair.

While scientists differ on how stress actually affects the hair fibers you produce, psychologists affirm that stress definitely affects the way we feel about our hair. When we’re stressed out, we’re more prone to mood swings and negative thoughts that have us less enamored of our hair, our bodies and general looks. This can impact all beauty routines, feeding a self-devouring beast of discontent that makes us look and feel worse.

During such times, keeping to your hair care routine is vital. By investing in yourself this way, your manicured hair look will help give you positive vibes and feelings, which are important for battling the effects of stress on your body and emotions.


We hope our hair care science facts above will help you fashion a haircare routine that is perfect for you. Consult with a MOBILESTYLES hair care specialist today as to what specific products can help you achieve terrific, enviable hair.

We’ve made it clear — taking care of the protein structures of your hair is the secret to beautiful hair. Find out more about this topic by visiting today or by downloading the MOBILESTYLES App.


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