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What is Vitiligo Beauty and How is it Making an Impact on the World

What is Vitiligo Beauty and How is it Making an Impact on the World?

Vitiligo beauty — what is it? And how does it affect the globe? Keep reading to find out.

Vitiligo beauty products and models are hitting headlines, but what is it really?

“Vitiligo is a blessing in disguise. It makes you a better person when you accept your own imperfections and those of others.” – Christina Chitwood. Around 100 million people worldwide have vitiligo. Even though millions of people have it, most of the population doesn’t know what it is. MOBILESTYLES is here to clear up any confusion you have and show you have vitiligo beauty impacts the world.

Get all the details below.


What is vitiligo?

Vitiligo is a disorder that causes patches of skin color loss. The discolored spots often become more prominent over time. The condition can affect any portion of the body's skin and damage your hair and the inside of your lips. Vitiligo develops when melanin-producing cells die or cease to function. It affects people of all skin colors; however, it is more visible in individuals with dark skin. It is neither dangerous nor communicable.

What is vitiligo beauty?

Vitiligo beauty can be interpreted in a few different ways. The first way would be makeup, skincare, and hair products that help or alleviate skin and hair damage due to vitiligo. Secondly, this term can encompass the individuals or companies that support people with vitiligo through brand deals, modeling, and products. Lastly, vitiligo beauty can also mean accepting and showing the world that a person is beautiful, regardless of if they have a skin disease.

How is vitiligo making an impact on the world?

Thanks to its recognition worldwide, vitiligo has been making an impact around the world. For starters, many more companies like Claire’s, Primark, Puma, Starbucks, and many more, have embraced vitiligo and used models and entertainers with the condition to promote their brand. The makeup world has also taken inspiration from individuals with vitiligo by crafting products that suit their needs, like the DERMABLEND Professionals Vitiligo line. And the most important impact it is making on the world is by scientists and researchers looking for a cure and treatments to help people with vitiligo. Just recently in 2022, findings presented at the 2022 American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) Annual Meeting showed ruxolitinib cream (​​Opzelura) monotherapy as a treatment to help ease some of the symptoms of the condition.

As a supporter of diverse beauty and health professionals and clients, MOBILESTYLES completely supports vitiligo beauty. We believe that all human beings are beautiful, no matter what they look like. We even have health and beauty PROs near you ready to help with all your skin and hair needs. For more information, download our app today.


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