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5 Jeans Essentials to Always Keep in Mind

5 Jeans Essentials to Always Keep in Mind

Denim can be a real issue for those who aren’t too experienced with it. No need to worry, we’ve put together some jeans essential tips for you so you know what to do next time you’re out shopping for a new pair!

These jeans essentials will help make sure you know exactly what to look for next time you buy a pair!

Jeans — you either love them or you hate them. Despite some people not finding jeans to be ideal, we think it's important to have at least two pair handy so you’re never left wondering what to wear in a sticky situation. They're incredibly versatile in fashion, so making the best out of your pair is super important! Here are few jeans essentials for you to know before buying your next pair.


Buy the correct size

Go off of your own measurements, rather than the tag size. Sounds simple to go into any store and choose out a size based on what you’re used to. Nothing could be more far from the truth! Especially when so many jeans fit very differently, it's extremely important to check the exact measurements of the jeans you’re looking to buy beforehand so you know they’ll actually fit. If you’re at the store in person, it's best to just try them on to be 100% sure.


Heat = bad

Denim does not react well to extreme heat; and while we don't expect that you’ll be wearing them out in 100º degree weather for a super long time, there is a huge risk elsewhere — your dryer. A big part of taking care of your jeans has to do with how you wash and dry them. Drying denim on high heat settings is not ideal and can shrink your brand new pair of jeans to the point where they may no longer fit correctly. We recommend air drying them or using the lowest possible heat setting on your dryer.


Don't wear every pair like they’re high-rise

High-rise jeans are super cute, and we think every lady should own a pair! But just because something is in fashion, doesn't mean that you can work every pair of jeans you have into that specific look. High-rise jeans were made for that specific reason, and trying to force a low-rise pair, or any OTHER non-high-rise pair past your waist is not going to work out. Not only will it look unflattering, but it'll feel pretty terrible, too!+


Slim-fit And skinny jeans are not the same

It may be a right of passage in the jeans world to make this mistake. We’ve all wanted form-fitting jeans at some point, and we’ve seen the terms “skinny” and “slim” side by side. So, uh, which is correct? Well, as long as you understand the differences, both are great! Slim jeans are meant to fit close to your hips and legs while still being breathable. Skinny jeans hug your body MUCH tighter, similar to putting on a glove. Skinny jeans are meant to show your figure much more than slims do, so keep that in mind when trying to decide!


Don't try to tuck every pair into your boots

Tucking your jeans into your boots is a trend that’ll never go out of style; but just because your skinny or slim jeans fit into your boots, that doesn't mean all of your other styles will! No matter what method of folding and pleating the fabric at the hem you do to stuff them into those boots, it’ll just never look right.

Buying a pair of jeans can sometimes feel daunting. It's really annoying having to find “the right pair” every time, but hopefully these jeans essentials make your next purchase a little easier!

Any other tips you think we should've included? Let us know on social media @mobilestylesapp!


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