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Beauty is Timeless Aging Skin Makeup Tutorial

Beauty is Timeless: Aging Skin Makeup Tutorial

Just because you have fine lines and wrinkles doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy makeup. Improve your beauty game by reviewing this aging skin makeup tutorial.

Check out this aging skin makeup tutorial!

With more fine lines and wrinkles on our faces as we age, makeup application may appear more challenging. Fortunately, we have an aging skin makeup tutorial that will help you eliminate wrinkles and achieve flawless-looking skin.

Gorgeous gorgeous grandma looks start below!

Prep your skin

As we age, our skin produces less sebum (natural oils) and loses its ability to retain moisture. Even if you used to have normal or somewhat oily skin, you may now have dry skin. And, as many of us are aware, the ideal basis for makeup is well-hydrated skin. Therefore, it's critical to always thoroughly prime your skin before putting on any makeup.

Don’t skip the primer

It's time to prime when your moisturizer has settled and your skin has dried. A primer prepares your skin for the cosmetics you intend to apply. Primer fills in fine lines and wrinkles, forms a smooth barrier between your skin and makeup, and can help balance out your skin tone. Look for a silicone-based primer if you truly want to benefit from a primer's imperfection-blurring properties. These primers are fantastic for laying down a clean foundation layer. While a solid primer isn't a replacement for dermatologist-approved wrinkle therapy, it may help you create a more youthful appearance with your makeup.


Use light-coverage foundation

When your skin ages, you may see more fine lines and the beginnings of wrinkles. Unfortunately, a full-coverage foundation will simply highlight those creases and prove more difficult to blend. Stick to a light coverage foundation or a BB cream to get a smooth, crease-free finish with your makeup. This lighter product, when combined with the primer you're applying to your skin beforehand, will assist to produce a beautiful, satin-like finish on your complexion.

Define your eyes and lashes

The skin surrounding our eyelids might begin to droop as we age, and you may notice a reduction in lash density. Many beauty experts recommend applying eyeliner to define the entire eye to bring vitality back to your eye region. Instead of thick, dramatic lines, try tightening your eyes with a black gel pencil along the upper and lower lash lines. This subtle method makes a visible improvement without overpowering the eye region.

This aging skin makeup tutorial is the perfect starter for any gorgeous gorgeous grandma looking to upgrade her makeup routine. If you've tried all of these cosmetic suggestions and want to seek more serious wrinkle-reducing treatments, contact one of our health and beauty PROs at MOBILESTYLES now.


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