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Exfoliation 101 How  When to Do It

Exfoliation 101: How & When to Do It

We all want radiant, glowing skin, and exfoliating can do that! Exfoliation 101: here’s how to do it properly and safely!

We’ve got you covered on how and when to exfoliate with our exfoliation 101 tips!

Here’s how to get glowing skin through exfoliation.

Exfoliation is a skincare technique where you remove dead cells from the top layer of your skin. By removing this layer of clutter off of your skin, exfoliation helps brighten your complexion, and allows your skincare products to penetrate deeper into your skin, making the products work better! Sounds great, right? It is when done properly. If done too much, you can actually do more harm than good. That’s why it’s important to know when to do it and how to do it properly. Here are some exfoliation 101 tips!


How to exfoliate your face (at home)

First, use a tool of your choosing — this can be as simple as a washcloth or a facial brush or scrubber. Then, move the tool of your choosing on your face in small, gentle, circular motions. It’s vital that you use light movements, as you don’t want to irritate your skin. Rinse with lukewarm water and pat your face dry. Afterward, PLEASE apply your moisturizer — your skin will most likely be dry after exfoliation.

When to exfoliate based on skin type

  • Oily skin: If you’re prone to acne or clogged pores, you may exfoliate up to four times per week. However, please start off slowly (like once or twice a week) and work your way up. Using retinoid, as well, could help your oily skin and pair nicely with exfoliation.
  • Combination/normal skin: When you have this skin type, try to exfoliate once or twice a week.
  • Sensitive skin: If you find that your skin is very sensitive and most products cause irritation, you might want to skip exfoliation altogether. The last thing you need is itchiness or for your face to turn red.

We hope these exfoliation 101 tips help you on your skincare journey! Let us know if you exfoliate your skin by tagging @mobilestylesapp on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!


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