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Afro Hair Facts That Help Make Black So Beautiful

Afro Hair Facts That Help Make Black, So Beautiful

Expand your knowledge base! We’ve unearthed a treasure trove of afro hair facts that help you appreciate the beauty impact of this uber-groovy hairstyle.

Pay tribute to the fashion-forward ‘70s with our afro hair facts below.

However, DON’T start down on your big-hair journey without feasting on how fabulous Black is beautiful! The afro has been around for many years. It’s time to learn some afro hair facts.

The afro never fails in making a statement you can adore!


Afros consist of different textures and types:

From hair curl to spiral, afro hair textures and types can vary depending on the person. Have you heard of, say, 3A or 4B typification when it comes to hair? Know that these classifications fall within Andre Walker’s Hair Typing System — a hair classification chart released in 1990. The system categorizes hair based on a combination of numbers and letters, which span and represent the hair type range between straight hair and tight coils. Today, the hair chart is still used by in-the-know experts as a guide for finding the best products.

The afro curly cut is a choice:

Like everyone, people with afros occasionally undergo a fugly haircut. The cause? Inexperience with cutting natural hair. However, true professionals can introduce you to the modern, sophisticated curly afro cut. One of them was hair maven Lorrain Massey, who developed the Deva Cut — a technique consisting of carefully cutting dry curls for the right length of hair desired. Compared to cutting big hair when wet, the technique allows your stylist to transform your afro hair into one that beautifully frames your face shape.


Afro hair has a unique porosity:

If your hair cannot absorb much moisture, you have low hair porosity. People who boast the afro often have this type of hair. Low hair porosity translates to the water sitting on the hair instead of being absorbed into the hair cuticle shaft, which means longer showers and hair-drying times. If you ever have this problem, turn to hair masks to save your day! Work the hair mask product in and finish your wash with a cold water rinse so that your hair cuticles seal well, following optimal water absorption.

Experiencing an afro hair growth problem? Here’s what to do:

Quite a few people believe that big afro hair is unable to grow beyond a certain length, but this is just a myth. However, if your afro does suffer from stunted growth, then change up your hair care routine and give it an additional dollop of love.

Of course, note that afro hair types abound — with each growing differently — yet those with thick hair or small curl patterns do say that their hair grows too upward and outward, instead of downward. When you want to skirt this problem, use protective treatments and styling to help your hair grow better. These should help you rock bigger and better hair within shorter time frames than usual.


Black is beautiful. Rock a hairstyle that’s bold, distinct, and trendy, like an amazing afro! Our afro hair facts above get you there.

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