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What to do Before Getting a Silk Wrap

What to do Before Getting a Silk Wrap

A silk wrap is a way to straighten your hair with less of the damaging effects that come with heat usage.


Photo: Carlos Dominguez


A silk wrap is a way to straighten your hair with less of the damaging effects that come with heat usage. If you want to acquire flawless straight hair, you’ll want to use a silk wrap. The process includes the use of saran wrap to lay the hair down. Wrapping with saran wrap uses minimal products that help make your hair shine while still making it feel light. A silk wrap can last longer than a flat iron depending on your hair stylist and how well you maintain it.


First and foremost, this service isn’t performed at many salons. Instead, most salons provide a silk press service, not a silk wrap. The difference is that the silk press is only performed on natural hair and involves the use of a flat iron. However, Mobile Styles, an on-demand app that brings beauty and health professionals to your door anytime, anywhere, provides this service.

To get the best possible results prior to your silk wrap session, you’ll need to complete two important steps.

One, clean your hair thoroughly. Shampooing may not be something you do often, depending on your hair type, but you’ll need to do it prior to silk wrapping your hair. For best results, use a clarifying shampoo in order to remove product build-up.

Second, condition your hair and rinse. Once finished, be sure to do it one more time. Let the conditioner soak in your hair with a plastic cap or bag for fifteen to twenty minutes. Finally, tightly wrap your hair in a towel for about thirty to forty-five minutes. Once you’ve done all these steps, you’re more than ready to silk wrap your hair with your stylist. They’ll be more than happy to assist you with any further questions and comments you may have about the process.


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