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Be In the Know With These 6 FYIs About the Original Mullet Haircut

Be “In the Know” With These 6 FYIs About the Original Mullet Haircut

Dig into the following mullet FYIs with zeal! The original mullet haircut can be the very depiction of cool, as many-a-famous celebs have shown.

Rock a look of ultimate dare with the original mullet haircut.

The original mullet haircut has been striking the high chords of controversy since its inception in the early ‘70s. Yet, when done right — think Cher or David Bowie — it can deliver a powerful statement like no other. So gender fluid, this short-at-the-front, long-at-the-back hairdo has been the look of choice for a bevy of DJs, actors, TV presenters, models, athletes, and, yes, (giggle), your own relatives, too.

Mullet-hesitant? Try a wig of this gender-defying haircut to see what it can do for you!

The statement “gist” of the mullet:

The mullet has a history all its own because it has been so well embraced by glamorous singers, country stars, and rockstars since the ‘70s. At the same time, it has social class roots — the kind that have made it ever controversial to on-lookers in America. Summing it up: the question it always elicits is: it can be undeniably “fierce” and bold, but who actually has the guts to have their hair be molded into a mullet? Exactly. It’s only for the true fearless!


Is the haircut experiencing a comeback?

The mullet was last popular in the ‘80s and has continued to show up on the most famous of heads every once in a while. Truth be told, the haircut trend will never go, having true staying power that the most open-minded people appreciate and admire. Celebrities like Rihanna, Maisie Williams, and Miley Cyrus are sporting the haircut in ways that not only make them look GR8, but further designate them as fashion-forward, bold, and daring individuals.

Mullets are versatile and easy to maintain:

There are tons of perks to having a mullet, the experts say. For instance, with the mullet, you can maintain length while framing your face with a fringe of originality and uniqueness. You can even wear an updo if you so desire. The mullet is also an easy, no-frills way to grow out a pixie haircut when transitioning from short to long hair.

They’re also mucho easy to maintain. A good mullet cut should style itself — looking good when messy, for example: in the ever-popular “rolled out of bed” fashion. On the other end of the hair maintenance spectrum, when your mullet is professionally blown out and styled, it can do wonders for your look.


I’m ready for a mullet! How do I best prepare for it?

What is the key for acquiring the best mullet out there? Collect a lot of pictures of the style you’re craving so that you can show them to your mobile hairstylist PRO. The main question she or he will have is how extreme to go! Have your pictures ready to be seen, taking care to inform her that you want a mullet, NOT a shag — a close sister haircut to the mullet.

Also, be sure to let your PRO hair stylist know about any hair growth patches, like serious cowlicks or windmills, that continually vex you when you style your hair. Look out for mullet haircuts on celebrities that match your own hair texture so that, when you’re in the cutting chair, you can fluidly communicate your reality-based mullet expectations — via pictures — with your PRO hair stylist.

After the cut, use hair products and tools that are tailor-made for your hair texture so that your look always stays glam.

Mullets are fun (and shocking):

The cutting and chopping of masses of your (long) hair can be a deep shocker, but trust that your look will come together in the end. If your hair stylist is on top of their game, they’ll snazz up your mullet with small details like color, fringe, sideburns, and more, that altogether make your haircut super distinctive and original! Know it: the mullet can be a super-fun hairstyle to rock.


Where can I learn more about it?

When done right, the mullet has inspired accolades. One good book about the jaw-dropping history of the mullet in rock ’n’ roll is The Mullet: Hairstyle of the Gods, written by legendary rock journalist Barney Hoskyns. Alan Henderson’s 2007 book: Mullet Madness!: The Haircut That's Business Up Front and a Party in the Back is another one to rescue from the shelves and place in your lap for a yummy read. These books are great to curl up to as a sweet summer activity, if you’re a lover of hair statement history.

Have your hairdos been too ho-hum lately? The original mullet haircut can be a breath of fresh air! Spring for one soon.

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