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Limited Hand Ability Try These Top-Rated Accessible Makeup Products

Limited Hand Ability? Try These Top-Rated Accessible Makeup Products

If you struggle with makeup due to limited hand ability, these accessible makeup products can help.

We’ve compiled a selection of accessible makeup products that really work.

Let’s make makeup inclusive.

Those who have limited hand ability, motor issues, and weakness in the hands and body can find that applying makeup comes with a set of challenges. Luckily, there are accessible makeup products out there that can help make things that little bit easier.

Eyeliner stamps

The eyeliner stamp is a revolution for people who find mastering the perfect cat eye difficult. This is especially true for those who struggle with mobility or weakness in the hands and arms, where spending a long time trying to get each side to match can prove challenging. Eyeliner stamps come in a variety of sizes and shapes to match your eye type and preference — you don’t have to go dramatic if that isn’t your vibe! Simply press on and tidy up or connect it afterward, and voila! We love these kits from The Quick Flick. With incredible reviews and even better staying power, you’ll also save worrying about touch-ups during the day.

Flexible brushes

Limited hand ability can make traditionally designed makeup brushes very difficult to work with. Luckily, more and more brands are bringing out forward-thinking, accessible designs that allow for a greater level of movement in the brush, meaning that they can be manipulated in a way that suits your specific application process. Those with motor function difficulties and muscle weakness, for example, will love British brand Kohl Kreative’s Flex Collection — comprising five expertly designed, flexible brushes with comfort grips. They even offer video and audio tutorials on how to get the most fabulous flawless finish!


Magnetic lashes

If you’re someone who loves lashes, you may find that traditional fake lashes application can be tricky. That’s where magnetic lashes come in — a product that has helped many who struggle with applying lashes using glue find a better way. The magnetic revolution has spread far and wide, with many brands now offering a diversity of styles and sizes to suit all tastes. Some come with a small magnetic strip, while others require a magnetic liner to adhere to. These Dual Strip Magnetic Lashes from Silly George sandwich over your lash line and can be cut into pieces for an even simpler application, if necessary.

We’d love you to share the discoveries you’ve made when it comes to accessible makeup products that cater to those with disabilities. Get talking and tag @mobilestylesapp on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.


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