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Your Signature Scent for a Space Can Help You Rake It in  the Hows  Whys

Your Signature Scent for a Space Can Help You Rake It in — the Hows & Whys

Your signature scent for your client-home spaces can be what you need to get clients to tip you more. Hit the right fragrant (and financial) note!

Rich options exist as to what your signature scent could be!

Outstanding PRO branding is the kind that entails creating an atmosphere through your signature scent — one carefully chosen by you. Through the powerful sense of smell, clients can learn to relate better to your brand’s three Ps — personality, presence, and professionalism, when you offer your client a chic choice of ambient fragrance.

Below: the hows and whys an ambience aroma can uplift your business!

Make the space you create in a client’s home a temporary haven where they can take a relaxing breather from their everyday lives and simply soak up the TLC throughout the session. However, in order to round out the full experience of what you have to offer, you need a unique signature scent to back you up, pronto!

Read on for the benefits behind scent marketing:

What are the benefits?

Appealing to your customers’ sense of smell makes sheer terrific business sense! Why?

  • An aroma-adoring customer can love the ambience effect, appreciate your attempt to build mood and atmosphere, be tickled pink about your chit-chat over known fragrances, and even pick up the splendid habit of using an aroma diffuser themselves, especially when they’re alone at home. (This means they’re more grateful to you!)
  • A veritable oasis of calm has to manifest in order for you to concentrate and consistently pull off your best work as a PRO — day in, day out. As most treatments last for hours on end, it’s good to provide a stability to the environment that YOU can control as a visiting PRO, particularly when so many aspects of the client’s home space can be out of the bounds of said control.
  • Let’s face it, some clients’ homes can be cluttered, untidy or even a tad smelly, and if you’re a person who is put off by such arrangements, it can be hard to whip out your best skills in such a decidedly non-feng-shui place. Having a fragrance can absolutely rescue you, however, and automatically put you in a better frame of mind so that you can stay a true professional throughout the appointment!


  • Another benefit is that a pleasant scent is perceived to go hand-in-hand with the “ahhh”-inspiring, luxuriating quality and indulgent feel all clients aim to soak in as a result of having booked you for a relaxing beauty-enhancing appointment. Tip: make sure the scent comforts you just as much as it comforts them!
  • Finally, clients are also less likely to complain and be negative when they feel at ease in the environment because of your lit-up signature fragrance. Indeed, you could be so successful in easing them into a better mood by the end of the session that they’re more likely to tip you better, or spring for an additional purchase from you. This will place a bigger smile on your face!

The science and surveys back it up — you’ll rake in more profits:

Here are a few surveys — found in Inc. magazine — that may surprise you:

  • People can recall a scent and its associated memory with 65% accuracy after one full year, while vision-based recall was only 50% accurate after just four months, researchers found.
  • The participants of one Northumbria University study performed a range of information processing tasks faster and more accurately when the room was diffused with rosemary essential oil.
  • 63% of MRI patients who repeatedly sniffed a vanilla aroma before a procedure reported less anxiety. Only 4% of patients who did not inhale the aroma before the MRI scan reported not being notably anxious.
  • Workers at a gas station who worked to continually waft the smell of coffee in the direction of customers saw coffee purchases rise by 300%!
  • People are more willing to help strangers when their noses take in appealing scents like baking cookies or roasting coffee, studies have found.

So, know it: scent marketing is real! The above evidence means you can trust yourself to generate higher profits when you use one of a range 1-4 scents — handpicked by the client — when you’re “on the job” as a house-calling PRO.


What kind of fragrance products exist?

Products you can enlist to instill a scented atmosphere to your PRO client-home visits are the following:

  • Fragrance candles
  • Essential oils diffuser
  • Incense
  • Aroma reeds
  • Fragrance sprays (for small space touch-ups!)


Delight your customers and start hunting for your signature scent, today! We hope you are able to find and purchase the scent that charms you in just the right way.

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