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Seeing is Believing  Glasses Trends 2022

Seeing is Believing – Glasses Trends 2022

Keep up-to-date with glasses trends 2022.

Update your face with the latest and greatest glasses trends 2022.

With Zoom calls all the rage, what’s the one way you could update your look? Sure, hairstyling is the easy answer, but if you want to go bold, go for the eyeglasses. Spectacles come in all kinds of shapes, sizes, and colors. They can make quite the statement, too. They are the one fashion accessory specifically made to accentuate your most desirable asset: your face! You’ll want to follow the latest glasses trends 2022 and pick the right ones to match the shape of your face. We’re all different, so seeing a pair on someone else and thinking they’ll look good on you simply won’t cut it. Our pro tip? Try them on!

Dress up any outfit with a pair of statement glasses.

Retro cateye

Yes, the cateye glasses are still trending, and rightly so. They fit faces of all shapes and sizes, putting a touch of glam to work attire. Plus, if you love vintage, you’ll love the retro vibe cateye glasses give off.

Dark frames

They’re big, they’re dark, and they’re bold. These frames are usually black, but they can be any other dark color to give the same statement. If you want a look that turns heads, rock the geek chic dark frames.


Delicate wire frames

Light and airy may be the way to go in 2022 with these “barely there” eyeglasses. These metal frames typically come in light colors, giving off the impression that you aren’t wearing glasses at all.

Clear or pastel frames

These may be oversized, but since they are clear, they aren’t as distinct as large, dark frames. These frames give a refreshing and soft look, and they look great with lighter shades of clothes with the 2022 pastel trend.

Big and round

Accessorize your vintage vibe with big and round frames — the darker and brighter, the better. Oversized frames aren’t just for “looks.” They offer a wide, uninterrupted viewpoint, as well, making them practical yet fashionable.

Tortoiseshell frames

This universally flattering look is taking on quite a fashion trend. No matter the shape, the tortoiseshell frame is on point and trending in 2022.

Don’t fret if your eye doctor just increased your prescription and you have to wear glasses all the time now. Glasses are cool, stylish, and totally in as one of the best accessories this year. Just make sure you check out the latest glasses trends 2022 before you make your selection.

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