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Tips on Tipping for Beauty Services

Tips on Tipping for Beauty Services

Many people still don’t realize that tipping for beauty services is standard.

Tipping for beauty services is still an issue in the business that must be resolved.

Beauty services offer us complete bliss, let’s face it! We look forward to these appointments for weeks. Who doesn’t love being pampered? Tipping for beauty services however, still seems to be an issue for many clients who either are blindsided by the extra cost or just don’t think these professionals deserve it. The bottom line is that it is standard to tip beauty professionals. Here are some tips on tipping for beauty services.

The rule of thumb is that you always tip your beauty professional.

What percentage is standard?

This is an easy one: 20% is standard across the board. If you are uncomfortable tacking on that extra 20% to an expensive service, you may want to go to a salon that better fits your budget.


What if there are stylist assistants?

You should tip the stylist assistants as well. Even if you are tipping them at a lower percentage, it is standard to tip everyone who worked on your beauty service — whatever that may be.

What if you used a gift card?

Unless the gift card specifically states that a tip was included, do not assume it was. You should tip on top of your gift card every time. To be honest, it is considered tacky not to.
What if I wasn’t happy?

Even if you weren’t happy, you should still leave at least a 10% tip. When you leave the lower amount, be sure to give feedback on what happened and why you are tipping less than standard.

Tipping for beauty services is extremely important for your stylist. They rely on that overhead as a part of their livelihood. Expect to be asked at the end of the service about the tip on top of the total. Make sure you can add it to your total on your credit card if you do not have enough cash.
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