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The Top 5 Powerlifting Women to Follow

The Top 5 Powerlifting Women to Follow

Powerlifting women are taking the competition by storm! Here are 5 incredible women to follow and gain inspiration from.

These 5 powerlifting women are no joke.

With powerlifting gaining more popularity, it’s important to highlight the top female competitors to inspire more women to join the sport.

Powerlifting is an individual sport where the competitor faces the barbell, high amounts of weight, and themselves. The goal is to lift the most weight possible for squats, bench presses, and deadlifts. As you can imagine, lifting heavy weights was often seen as a male-only space. Thankfully, powerlifting women are stepping into the arena and breathing fresh air into the competition.


Amanda Lawrence

Born in 1997, the 25-year-old Amanda Lawrence is a powerlifting name to remember. The Minnesota native started her powerlifting career in 2016 as a junior lifter. Lawrence currently has the highest squat out of all female competitors at 564.3 lbs!

She's currently the world champion in the 84kg (185 lbs) weight class. Her highest powerlifting total was 1,424.2 lbs at the 2020 USAPL Gainsgiving Open. Amanda Lawrence frequently posts her workouts and progress on Instagram, stating that one of her goals is to inspire young women to become powerlifters.


Hunter Henderson

Hunter Henderson is another fierce female powerlifter that can't be ignored. She's an IFBB pro, a world record holder, and a fierce competitor. In 2021 at the Kern US Open, Henderson set the all-time female world record for squats at 650 lbs and a competition total of 1,548 lbs.

Hunter Henderson also regularly posts training videos, lifts, progress pictures, and lifestyle updates on her Instagram, showing new female powerlifters what the body is truly capable of.

Daniella Melo

Born in 1998, Daniella Melo is easily Amanda Larence's biggest threat in the 83kg weight class. In fact, Melo was tied with Lawrence at the 2019 IPF World Champion and lost due to higher body weight.

Daniella Melo has lifted at the IPF World Championships as part of Team USA for multiple years in a row. Her best competition total was 1,351.4 lbs at Sweden's 2019 IPF World Championships.

Melo continues to train, compete, and post footage on Instagram. She's a force to be reckoned with, and it's best to follow her now, as her career is only beginning.


Serena Abweh

Serena Abweh is only 20 years old and an absolute menace. She's an IPF lifter in the 47kg (103 lbs) weight class that's competed in both teen and junior divisions. Her deadliest attribute is her deadlift at an impressive 308 lbs.

But the most impressive part of Serena Abwehs journey is that she battled and overcame anorexia during her teen years. Now, she's an inspiration for women across the world and a fierce competitor. She shares her story, progress footage, obstacles, and memes on her YouTube channel and Instagram with thousands of fans across the globe.

Jen Thompson

Jen Thompson is literally a powerlifting living legend. Thompson has been in the powerlifting scene since the ‘90s, is in the IPF Hall of Fame, is an 11x IPF world champion, and has a renowned bench press performance.

Thompson achieved her best competition total at the 2018 Arnold Grand Prix with 1,103.4 lbs in the 63kg weight class — at the ripe age of 44. In the same year, she achieved her personal best for bench press at 319.7 lbs.

Jen Thompson is where you should start if you're looking for inspiration. She's a Master's level lifter with years of experience, wisdom, and strength. Thompson is an incredible role model for aspiring powerlifters, regardless of age or gender.

You can find training footage, highlights, and a little bit of advice on her Instagram to help you take your first steps into the powerlifting scene.

Powerlifting women are taking the scene by storm and showing the world what the female physique is truly capable of. If you're thinking of getting into the scene, you can use these powerful women for inspiration, regardless of gender.

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