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The Cryofacial Treatment the Ultimate Ice-So-Nice Solution

The Cryofacial Treatment: the Ultimate Ice-So-Nice Solution

Eager to revolutionize your skin so that it glows better? You can banish the culprits of dry tightness today with a state-of-the-art cryofacial treatment!

The cryofacial treatment is a true ace card in the game for greater beauty.

The biggest antagonists to your beloved skin are harsh weather, UV sun rays, dirt, and pollution. Counteract these pesky, punishing environmental effects with some tender loving care — a cryofacial treatment is just the TLC ticket to help make your face even prettier. Did you know? Even if you keep to a principled beauty routine, cryofacials are what you need when you want to resolve specific problem areas on your face and neck.

The cryofacial is an easy, economical, complexion-clearing treatment for your skin.

What is a cryofacial treatment?

This treat of a technological innovation employs a dry ice (or liquid nitrogen) wand to blow highly-cooled nitrogen gas all over your face and neck for about two to three minutes. Your visiting technician keeps the wand moving in circles, so that the cool, life-affirming gas is spread evenly over the surface of your skin. This technique prevents your skin from getting too cold and frigid in one spot.

The gas can reach a temperature of -256 ºF —- this veritable “ice kiss” is all about constricting the blood vessels in your face and neck. When your skin gradually warms back up, your blood vessels dilate, which boosts blood flow and circulation to your neck and facial skin. As a result, after a number of sessions, wow-like beauty can be had.

Tell me more about the cryofacial machine

The cryofacial machine uses deeply cold gas to tighten and tone the skin and reduce fat cells. Its wand is applied to your skin via a massaging technique, which is non-invasive. No surgery, no suction —- just a promising delivery of facial skin beauty benefits, galore.


What are its benefits?

Benefit #1: Boosts collagen production

Researchers say that cryo treatments stimulate the production of collagen in your skin. A protein, collagen, is what keeps your skin looking elastic, supple, and healthy. When collagen is not produced optimally by your skin, oh-so-dreaded wrinkles and lines start to appear. Consider cryofacials to be an icy, cool complement to collagen-boosting creams, supplements, and injections by directly boosting blood oxygen delivery throughout all or most layers of the skin.

Benefit #2: Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

Collagen levels dip as you get older, causing your skin to become drier and less absorptive of moisture, which is why lines and wrinkles appear, disrupting the overall harmony of your face. A cryofacial saves your skin by stimulating the production of collagen, so that your face and neck remain elastic and supple for a rockin’ long time. An effective anti-aging treatment than most out there, with constant application, your stimulated circulatory system repairs and heals skin better than if you hadn’t sprung for it at all.

Benefit #3: Improves blood circulation

The cryofacial machine wand is made of magic! It applies just the right temperatures of cold to your skin so that it expands your blood vessels, causing oxygen to reach your skin cells more. The result? Healthier and radiant skin. It’s a natural and quick way to grant a healthy glow of a complexion.


Benefit #4: Reduces pigmentation

Pigmentation is a master culprit when it’s gone awry! In the form of acne or age spots, caused by sun damage or scant beauty nourishing, the problem can be super tricky to treat and conceal. While traditional creams and facials are your regular trusted solutions, a cryofacial can be among your best saviors, proving itself especially useful to you, time and time again, as the cool-gas intervention flushes your skin and neck areas of metabolic waste, removes dead skin cells, and jump-starts the production of new cells.

The more cryofacial sessions you have, the more your skin grows in a more even fashion, with age-sourced pigmentation spots kept at bay.


Benefit #5: Shrinks pores

Skin pores are your best allies — they are directly responsible for keeping your skin moisturized and healthy. However, large pores lend your skin an uneven texture and also trap dead skin, dirt, and skin oil, which give way to the fugliest of acne and blackheads.

Smaller pores are generally better than larger pores in staving off dirt, excess oil, and dead skin. Today, many men and women are turning to toner products to shrink their pores, so that an even look is achieved and acne is prevented. However, toners can be harsh and damaging, irritating your skin to a point of partially parched dryness. Cryofacials shrink your pores naturally without the use of toners. The pores reactively shrink to the very cold gas, uniformly reducing their visible size so that your skin boasts a brighter look and more even skin texture.

Quick and easy, a series of cryofacial sessions can perfectly complement your favorite skin creams in the world!

The simplest notions of science back the effectiveness of the cryofacial treatment for the skin of your face and neck. Book your first session today!

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