The cryofacial treatment is a true ace card in the game for greater beauty.

The biggest antagonists to your beloved skin are harsh weather, UV sun rays, dirt, and pollution. Counteract these pesky, punishing environmental effects with some tender loving care — a cryofacial treatment is just the TLC ticket to help make your face even prettier. Did you know? Even if you keep to a principled beauty routine, cryofacials are what you need when you want to resolve specific problem areas on your face and neck.

The cryofacial is an easy, economical, complexion-clearing treatment for your skin.

What is a cryofacial treatment?

This treat of a technological innovation employs a dry ice (or liquid nitrogen) wand to blow highly-cooled nitrogen gas all over your face and neck for about two to three minutes. Your visiting technician keeps the wand moving in circles, so that the cool, life-affirming gas is spread evenly over the surface of your skin. This technique prevents your skin from getting too cold and frigid in one spot.

The gas can reach a temperature of -256 ºF —- this veritable “ice kiss” is all about constricting the blood vessels in your face and neck. When your skin gradually warms back up, your blood vessels dilate, which boosts blood flow and circulation to your neck and facial skin. As a result, after a number of sessions, wow-like beauty can be had.

Tell me more about the cryofacial machine

The cryofacial machine uses deeply cold gas to tighten and tone the skin and reduce fat cells. Its wand is applied to your skin via a massaging technique, which is non-invasive. No surgery, no suction —- just a promising delivery of facial skin beauty benefits, galore.