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Skip the Back-to-School Lines With Mobile Haircut Appointments

Skip the Back-to-School Lines With Mobile Haircut Appointments

Save time and effort and skip back-to-school lines with a mobile haircut appointment. Download the MOBILESTYLES App today!

School is just around the corner, which means you’ll need a mobile haircut appointment to save time.

MOBILESTYLES App’s on-demand services give you the option to skip back-to-school lines at the salon!

The new semester is a time for first impressions, picture days, and Instagrammable moments. Looking and feeling your best is fundamental to having a good school year, but you can get left behind in a sea of lines, waits, and deadlines. Luckily, you can skip the lines with a mobile haircut appointment, whether you’re in college or have a new 6th grader at home.

How it works

We know you’re ready to skip the lines and get a head start on the school year, but you’ll need to start with some MOBILESTYLES basics before you can incorporate highlights or get a perfect shag cut.

All you have to do is download the MOBILESTYLES App onto your iOS or Android device. Register as a client, input your address, and choose the services you want. Select from a variety of PROs in your area and request an appointment, and they can be at your doorstep in just two hours time!


Get the perfect lob hairstyle!

Try starting the new year with a fresh chin-to-collarbone-length lob cut. Lob hairstyles are an excellent way to trim a few inches and give your hair room to grow throughout the school year. Lob cuts can also flatter all face shapes and bone structures.

For a fierce look, oval faces should consider shorter chin-length cuts with layered waves. Square face shapes benefit from solid, mid-length bobs with plenty of layers. You can discuss these details and more with your MOBILESTYLES beauty PRO!

Try regal goddess braids!

Why not try regal goddess braids from the comfort of your kitchen? Goddess braids are thicker cornrows that are bigger, raised higher, and closer to the scalp. The most significant advantage to this glamorous look is that it can be styled for nearly any occasion, but it can take longer to install than smaller braids.

Use the MOBILESTYLES App to find hairstylists near you to get the perfect goddess braids before the new year. You’ll want to consult your beauty PRO beforehand to determine how long the appointment will be, as braids tend to take quite some time.

Get the perfect fade!

What’s better than a fresh fade? A crisp, clean fade done from the comfort of your own home! On-demand services can be excellent if you have a young boy that hates going to the barber. A PRO can come to you without fuss or hassle. Try getting tapered sides or mixing styles with a pompadour for a unique twist.

Mobile haircut appointments are an excellent way to avoid back-to-school lines. With the MOBILESTYLES App, you can receive a fresh cut or style from the comfort of your living room! On-demand beauty services can save you time and effort, regardless of whether you’re a sophomore in high school or a college senior.

What’re you waiting for? Get a unique back-to-school haircut today by downloading the MOBILESTYLES App at!


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