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Organic Sea Kelp The Miracle Food Arresting Ordinary Notions of Health

Organic Sea Kelp: The Miracle Food Arresting Ordinary Notions of Health

These days, every health fan is making space for organic sea kelp on their plate. A flash-in-the-pan fad: not — the food nourishes the body beyond belief!

Organic sea kelp is tasty and raved about by the health-conscious!

From plate to mouth, every bit of organic sea kelp you consume is richly packed with a range of minerals and nutrients that elevate your body’s health. Concern yourself not with the briny taste of the dark green stuff, but with its delicate marine texture and flavor that enhances broth soups, and other common cuisine dishes in East Asia. It’s a highly popular sidepiece food for most dishes there.

From hijiki to kobu to wakame, don’t hesitate giving seaweed a try.

Kelp is getting noticed

People in the West are waking up and taking stock of how sea kelp can pack a powerful nutritional punch while, at the same time, lending a soft, distinctly delicate flavor to cold and hot meals, alike. Did you know? The seaweed is growing out of its Western traditional bounds of broth soups, sushi, and other familiar East Asian cuisine fare, and “pepping up” hot and cold meals as a side dish in health kitchens everywhere.

The unami-essenced seaweed has way more to offer than just a smooth, delicious texture and a distinct marine flavor. The sea vegetable is a true superfood, having been a nutritious staple of several East Asian societies for thousands of years already.

Its taste is unique and original in contrast to land-derived vegetables, but not too overpowering as you might imagine. Its smooth texture and long blades add visual dimension to most soups and plates that have it serve as a compelling food decor item — one that need only be eaten in small amounts, ideally on a daily basis.


Its popularity in the West is slowly growing, with more and more people in the Americas discovering the many benefits the vegetable has to offer. Nutritionists recommend it; beauty and health fans rave about it; and its retail price is a downright sheer bargain during these trying times of inflation.

Sold dry, just a little of the seaweed expands by a lot in a bowl of water so that the end amount is surprisingly abundant. It offers jaw-droppingly rich mineral content (more than even natural sea salt), and a briny flavor that replaces salt, should you happen to be avoiding sprinkles of the latter. This is why a little kelp a day can pay off huge dividends in the long run!

The 7 benefits of organic sea kelp

The seaweed that is fit to be eaten by humans is of the brown algae class Phaeophyceae — and of specifically the order Laminariales. It consists of around 30 “genera” varieties that fall under the general classification of kelp.

Organic sea kelp is effective in weight loss, fortifies thyroid health, reduces the risk of many forms of cancer and strengthens bones. The sea vegetable offers a highly concentrated source of minerals, in certain cases, up to 20 times the amount found in land-derived vegetables for the same weight.


Benefit #1: May treat or prevent diabetes

A landmark Korean study published in Nutrition Research and Practice found that kelp consumers had vastly improved blood glucose levels, boosted antioxidant enzyme activities, and positively affected glycemic control in people with type II diabetes.

Benefit #2: Terrific source of iodine

Kelp contains a super high level of iodine (up to 2,985 mg in certain kelp varieties) that superlatively rounds out human body health. Iodine staves off certain kinds of cancer, supports healthy growth and development in children and babies, and even fosters a healthy brain.

Benefit #3: One of nature’s anti-inflammatories

Certain kinds of sea kelp have anti-inflammatory properties that address overarching inflammation in the body, which beats and prevents disease. Kelp’s anti-inflammatory property Fucoidan also helps regulate blood cholesterol so that heart conditions remain in check.

Benefit #4: Has you shedding pounds

A protein found in sea kelp —- fucoxanthin —- works to reduce body fat, which makes kelp a wondrous weight loss agent. A Russian study found that a combination of pomegranate seed oil and fucoxanthin given to participants boosted liver function and a significant loss of weight.

Benefit #5: Slows the growth of cancer

Several nutrients in sea kelp work together to discourage cancer. Most prominent among these is the warrior-nutrient fucoidan. Studies of the sea plant have found it to kill off cancerous cells in lung cancer, breast cancer, colon cancer, and leukemia. The special winning combo of fucoidan and fucoxanthin makes this edible seaweed a powerful cancer-fighting food.


Benefit #6: Checks blood-related disorders

The above-mentioned kelp agent fucoidan further prevents blood clots — the kind that lead to fatal strokes and heart attacks. So strong is this counteractive property that scientists are testing it as an all-natural potential replacement for prescription drugs that treat clotting issues.

Benefit #7: Helps prevent bone loss

Sea kelp is rich in vitamin K —- in fact, you consume one quarter of the daily recommended intake of the nutrient with only one serving. This vitamin is responsible for creating denser bones that don’t easily fall prey to the bone ailments of osteoporosis and arthritis. Fucoidan also leads to healthy bones by improving mineral density.

Word of Advice: Buy organic sea kelp

Because sea vegetables can absorb most minerals in the marine water around them, it’s vital to always purchase the kelp in organic form. If you don’t, you may risk exposing yourself to heavy metals from an unsafe kelp that has not been farmed organically.

It’s a fact! Organic sea kelp is one life-affirming superfood. Do you now know yourself to be a food savant who can distinguish food truth from food fad?

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