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Beard Itch Begone Discover the Itchy Beard Remedy That Works for You

Beard Itch Begone: Discover the Itchy Beard Remedy That Works for You

We’re here to help you work out the itchy beard remedy that will relieve your irritation for good.

Beards don’t have to mean discomfort! We’ll help you find the right itchy beard remedy.

Soothe that stubble, once and for all!

Facial hair can become prickly and uncomfortable in the stubble stages, or even when it’s well established. Here are the reasons why, along with some useful suggestions to help you finally find the itchy beard remedy that works for you.

What causes beard itch?

Did you know that beard hair is also known as “androgenic hair” and is totally different from the hair that sprouts from your head? With its growth largely driven by the hormone testosterone, it’s often coarser and thicker, which can lead to irritation for several reasons. Sometimes it’s the sharp edge of new growth breaking the skin, an ingrown hair, or even a breakout. It could also be due to hygiene factors, a shaving rash, or simply dehydration. The good news is that whatever the cause, there’s a solution!


Prevention is better than cure!

One of the most important things you can do to stop beard itch from happening in the first place is to practice proper beard hygiene. We can’t stress this enough: cleansing your beard daily, just as you do your face, is crucial! If you have a longer beard, you’ll know that all sorts of stuff can build up in there. It’s best to opt for a beard-specific cleanser, as normal shampoos may dry out your hair and skin. Once you’ve cleansed, make sure to dry your beard thoroughly by softly patting with a towel. This step is often overlooked; but if you don’t do it, residual water may end up drying it out or causing a skin rash.

Practice sensible shaving

Here’s another way to ward off the itch — hone your shaving technique! Life can get busy, and it’s tempting to rush through daily tasks, but improper shaving is likely to lead to issues down the line. Try shaving immediately after a shower (when your pores are open) for best results, and make sure your blade is super sharp and clean. Use a cream or gel with moisturizing properties, and always shave in the direction of hair growth.

Replenish moisture levels

Dry skin can either cause or exacerbate the symptoms of beard itch. If you already suffer from skin conditions — such as eczema, for example — you may be more prone to experience it. However, it can also occur due to certain soaps and even cold weather conditions. So, make sure you’re getting that moisture back into your skin and beard by using a quality beard conditioner and oil. Products containing argan and jojoba are especially effective!

Once you’ve found the itchy beard remedy that targets your specific issue, you’ll be feeling ready to face the world again! To boost your confidence even more this summer, book in with a MOBILESTLES PRO barber at your convenience. Download the MOBILESTYLES App on the App Store or Google Play.


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