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How Mobile Beauty Services Are Safer Than Salons

How Mobile Beauty Services Are Safer Than Salons

Here’s why mobile beautician services are safer than salons.

You don’t need to go out for beauty services. Instead, try out a mobile beautician.

A mobile beautician is a beauty specialist (makeup artist, hairstylist, esthetician, etc.) that provides services either in a mobile showroom or at various locations. While these specialists may have spots in salons, they do not necessarily provide most of their services there. These days, more and more people are getting behind the idea of mobile services. Why? Because they’re safer and more convenient. Stop going to the salon, and check out why booking a mobile beautician is safer than a storefront!

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Fewer people

One of the main reasons why mobile beautician services are safer than salons is because there are fewer people around. You don’t have to worry about coming in contact with ill individuals or crossing paths with dangerous customers. Instead, you’ll likely only see one or two people, depending on the service you want.


Travel to you

While some of these on-the-go beauticians may have a mobile service room, many will come to your home (or desired location), not only making it more convenient for you and your schedule but also safer since you don’t have to drive to a location and come in contact with many people. Before letting anyone into your home, do your research on the beautician you want to hire.

Request for extra measures

When you go to a storefront for beautician services, they have set rules that you and their employees must follow. However, they may provide additional safety steps you may prefer. Mobile beauticians, on the other hand, are more likely to respect your request for extra measures — masks, negative COVID-19 tests, gloves, etc. Before your appointment, we recommend messaging or calling your technician to make sure they know about your requests.

Fewer chances of contamination

The fewer people and equipment around, the fewer chances to spread germs and bacteria. Instead, the only people you have to worry about are you and your mobile beautician during the appointment. While all beauticians should clean and sanitize their tools before using them on you, you can keep an eye on them and even ask for additional cleaning if you feel necessary.

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