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Non-Inclusive Brands That Give Us the Ick

Non-Inclusive Brands That Give Us the Ick

Non-inclusive brands give us the ick, and we’re not supporting them anymore! Here are some brands to add to your “do not buy” list.

Although non-inclusive brands are slowly becoming a thing of the past, there are still a few to look out for.

Putting these brands on your “do not buy” list is a simple way to do your part and change the culture.

Nowadays, it's uncommon to see large companies that don't support LGBTQ+, BIPOC, and other minority communities; but some non-inclusive brands have endured the cultural shift and still thrive in today's market. You can put these brands on your “do not buy” list and help shift culture even more.

The importance of straying your attention away from these brands

It may feel like you don't have much of an impact on today's culture and narrative, but as the saying goes, "The customer's always right." You create a ripple effect with every purchase, no matter how small or large. Where you spend your money, the brands you buy, and the products you choose influence the market more than you realize.

Your purchases carry weight, regardless if your concerns are with inclusion, minority communities, sustainable materials, or animal cruelty. Paying careful attention to the companies you support and choosing brands that match your values can help shift the culture toward the direction you want to see.

Sharing your insights and beliefs with others creates an even larger ripple effect — that's why bringing attention to ick-worthy brands is essential to making a change.


IT Cosmetics

IT Cosmetics has suffered customer backlash in the past due to non-inclusive makeup shades. In 2018, the company flopped with the release of its Bye Bye Foundation line. The foundation line included 12 shades, with only three designed for darker skin tones.

IT Cosmetics has made attempts to increase the shade range and diversity of products since. For example, the Nude Glow Lightweight Foundation has a total of 14 shades, with eight designed for darker skin tones. However, the company is still a bit suspect in many customers' eyes.



Hourglass received backlash in 2020 from makeup artists, customers, and influencers alike. The company released the Illume Sheer Color Trio on November 11, which used to be a fan favorite, but is now universally disapproved of for the lack of shade diversity.

Customers and influencers have accused Hourglass of refusing to release darker and fuller shades each year. What's worse is the lack of feedback and communication from Hourglass. They haven't made an official statement, which leaves fans in the dark and creates distrust. Yikes!


Benefit Cosmetics

Benefit Cosmetics is another brand that doesn't offer much diversity or shade variety. For instance, the Hello Happy Velvet Powder Foundation only comes in 12 shades without many deeper shades. The Matte Bronzer might be even worse, with only four colors to choose from.

The lack of options has left many customers frustrated and disheartened. Some customers have claimed that the brand hasn't offered much more variety since around 2005. Other fans were excited to try new releases from the company, only to be met with products that didn't suit their skin tones. Either way, between four and 12 shades is not enough to cover the full skin tone spectrum, or even half.

Non-inclusive brands are losing popularity, but some companies remain in the dark ages. These brands don't offer much variety, diversity, or shade ranges, which makes them less appealing in the eyes of many. Every product you buy impacts the market and shifts the culture one way or another. You can add these products to your “do not buy” list, or simply avoid them to utilize your purchasing power.

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