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Pride Month 2022 Recap Who What Wear

Pride Month 2022 Recap: Who, What, Wear

Worried you missed out on some of the Pride Month 2022 fun? Here’s a full recap of June!

Pride Month 2022 was an explosive time filled with color, diversity, and acceptance!

Don’t worry if you missed some of the standout events in June — we have your full recap.

June was first declared as "Gay & Lesbian Pride Month" in 1999 and has come a long way since. The LGBTQ+ Pride Month 2022 was a celebration of self-expression, acceptance, and diversity. This year's pride month was one to remember from colorful events, street parades, and campaigns. Here's a recap of what you might have missed.


BABE Wine Queens of Pop! Drag Show

The BABE Wine Queens Drag Show was hosted at the cocktail bar and live music venue Haswell Green's in the middle of Times Square. The show was led by Detox, a fan favorite from season five of RuPaul's Drag Race.

As the name suggests, the event was themed "Queens of Pop," with performances from Xunami Muse, Baejing, Nick Gaga, and Jacklynn Hyde. The venue was free to enter and open to the public as long as they submitted an RSVP beforehand. The cocktail bar was packed to the brim with more than 200 attendees who got to try various BABE wines as they enjoyed the show, making for a fabulous event.


UGG's “Feel Heard” Pride Campaign

UGG started their Pride campaign a bit early in May to align with Mental Health Awareness Month. The "Feel Heard" campaign was developed in partnership with The Trevor Project, which is one of the largest suicide prevention and crisis intervention groups for LGBTQ+ youth. UGG brought the campaign to life with interactive spaces on Fifth Avenue in NYC.

The interactive space showcased an onsite "Feel Heard" telephone booth covered in the classic, fuzzy UGG fabric. Attendees were encouraged to share their stories on post-it notes and place them inside the telephone booth. The goal of the campaign was to think outside the box and raise awareness of queer mental health concerns.


2022 Pride Parade in San Francisco

After two long years, the San Francisco Pride Parade came back in full swing! The parade started at the Embarcadero, with the San Francisco Dykes on Bikes group leading the charge through Market Street, which was packed with crowds full of joy and pride for the LGBTQ+ community.

The parade included performances from Sherry Cola, Sister Roma, Honey Mahogany, CHEER SF, Mila Jam, and more. However, the event wasn't without a bit of controversy. Mayor London Breed was initially going to withdraw from the celebration due to some police regulations and restrictions, which didn't allow police to attend the parade in uniform. Eventually, Pride made an exception, allowing fewer than 10 officers to celebrate in uniform.

Political drama aside, the San Francisco Pride Parade was a breath of fresh air after the past two years. The crowd was filled with every color imaginable, excitement, and love for the community.

Pride Month 2022 was filled with fantastic colors, inclusivity, and diversity. Don't worry if you missed some of the events this year — you'll have plenty of time in 2023 to celebrate your community and express your identity.

What were your favorite Pride 2022 moments? Let us know on Twitter at!


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