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Juicy TLC Beauty Secrets From the Grooviest of Seniors

Juicy TLC Beauty Secrets From the Grooviest of Seniors

We’ve curated some nitty gritty beauty secrets from senior men and women who’ve long ago been there and done that! Read the below, to stay in-the-know.

Some seniors have beauty secrets that match their youthful hearts.

Talk about a reservoir of insight and wisdom —- did you know? There are 46 million senior citizens in the U.S. today. Precisely because they’re older, many of these wonderful people have found out for themselves which beauty pointers work best of all. We’ve done the research, wrote it up, and are delivering you the dirt on these fabulous “graceful aging” beauty secrets!

Seniors have plenty to add to the melting pot of modern conversation about beauty!

Beauty secret #1: Book fashion and beauty PROs to help you stay chic as a senior

It’s universal. Dressing your age or putting on makeup when you’re a senior doesn’t have to be about embracing the fuddy and the duddy. Neither should it also be about dressing or styling yourself way younger than you are. Invest in booking home-visiting fashion and beauty PROs that specialize in senior fashion and makeup styles. Your goal is to collect the advice you need to truly rock your fashion and beauty style.

Face it, by the time you have to make the decision to either dye your hair or show off all your grays — your sense of style and fashion has to radically change and take a U-turn from the days of youthful wear, like miniskirts and tight tops. Negotiate that U-turn with the best of beauty and fashion mavens to guide you by your side while they’re still around — you won’t regret it!


Beauty secret #2: Or else, have a makeup and hair styling powwow with a senior

If you snoozed on booking fashion and makeup PROs — that is, specialists in senior looks — when you were younger, you could opt to book a makeup and hair styling pow wow with a stylish senior. This is a surefire way to pick up the most effective information on how to look fabulous once you yourself hit your older years. Not only will you have fun discussing trends and picking up the tips you need to look good from your 50s onward, but the useful bonding time will also make you feel good.

This may be necessary, as a lot of PROs who have explored looks for seniors may be retired or have changed careers by the time you make it to your mid-60s, making it hard to find prized beauty info from these specific people. So, when you find yourself feeling older, turn to a trusted senior who has good beauty sense to help you anticipate styles that keep you in vogue. One or two sessions may be all you need to officially stay ahead of the clock!

Beauty secret #3: Keep an eye out for the look of your older self while shopping

Anticipating the style looks of your later years can be your best secret for looking good, forever. Our advice to you is to, early on, look out for timeless and evergreen makeup styles that will stylishly suit your older face.


For example, while shopping for makeup during your 40s, ask the people behind the counter to inform you on what the stylish older ladies in the room are springing for so that you’ll have a better idea on what makeup shopping choices to make when you're older. Have an eye for what looks good on a senior person so that when you stumble across it, you can put it on your shopping list, and eventually buy it as a treat and present to yourself when you finally make it to your senior years.

An ultimate secret of legendary fashion and beauty icons Coco Chanel and Jackie O. was that they started building their senior fashion and makeup collections already in their younger years. Not only did they stay on the pulse of current styles and fashions during their time, they sought to establish a collection that would look good on older versions of themselves.

Take their style wisdom to heart: whether it’s reading that makeup book your grandmother used to love, picking up some truly chic pearls when they’re economically priced, or keeping abreast of the makeup choices of gray-haired icons, by planning ahead while you’re still young, you’re doing your older self a big, huge, and tremendous favor.


Beauty secret #4: Hang with seniors more

Hang with the groovy seniors more: they often give the best advice and compliments — the genuine, candid, and honest kind. Plus, they can be so loving, grateful, and appreciative of any small favor you do for them! When you pay them a visit, you also accumulate awesome karma points so that your innate heart for help and charity swells. They’ll find your youthful zeal infectious, while you can, in turn, absorb and collect their kernels of wisdom for your future. Hang with your favorite senior now — you’ll regret not having done so when it’s finally your turn to play senior citizen to the younger. They can help you feel handsome or beautiful all day long!

There you have it! The essence of the best beauty secrets from the hippest of seniors. Embrace these terrific and beautiful pearls of wisdom.

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