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First Day of Work Attire How To Dress for the Office

First Day of Work Attire: How To Dress for the Office

Congratulations on landing your first corporate job! Here are some examples of first day of work attire!

First day of work attire is vital in making a great impression on your new employer!

Consider this article a first job starter pack! Keep reading to discover possible outfits that will leave your boss impressed.

You just landed your first grown-up job — congratulations on your success! Now that the excitement has died down, you stop and think to yourself, Oh my god, what will I wear to work?

Although it’s important not to judge a book by its cover, what you wear to work does matter and will make a lasting impression on your new boss and coworkers. That’s why your first day of work attire is so essential to your overall success.

Here are some tips and tricks on what to wear on your first day!

Stick with the basics

On your first day, you want to stick with the basics. This means classic items that can do no wrong, such as a button-down shirt, high-waisted trousers, and a pair of slip-on mules. You can never go wrong choosing timeless items that are always in fashion. My only advice would be to skip the jeans until you note if your other coworkers are wearing them. Yes, jeans are timeless basics, but they could be a bit too “casual” for some business-casual settings.


Quality over quantity

The way you dress at work matters, and whether your office is business-casual or business-professional attire, opt for quality over quantity. No, your colleagues are not fashion experts, but most people can recognize poorly made clothes and will make conscious or unconscious judgments as a result. So, skip the SHEIN fits if you can, and purchase fewer clothing items that will last longer. After all, sustainability is the way to go in this day and age!

Don’t forget to elevate with accessories

Dress up your outfit with accessories. A simple necklace, watch, or drop earrings are a great way to enhance your first day outfit!

What is your go-to first day of work attire? Let us know by tagging @mobilestylesapp on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter!


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