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How To Successfully Run a Mobile Beauty Business as an Introvert

How To Successfully Run a Mobile Beauty Business as an Introvert

Increase your confidence as a mobile beauty business owner by heeding this important advice.

These introvert-friendly tips for mobile beauty business owners will help build your confidence.

Introverts with health and beauty businesses, unite!

There’s so much more to running a mobile beauty business than the work itself. The additional roles that health and beauty professionals take on can range from admin assistant to client therapist! With social skills an integral part of the job, introverts can often feel that they’re unsuited to the role. Well, we’re here to tell you that it’s simply not true! Settle in as we discuss the challenges that introverts face in the industry and provide some effective tips and tricks to overcome them.


What is an introvert?

Before launching into advice, let’s discuss what it means to be an introvert. Introverts and extroverts are the two extremes of the scale, with extroverts drawing energy from busy social situations, and introverts feeling drained in similar settings. If you’re on the introverted side of the scale, you’re likely to experience feelings of needing to “recharge” after socializing, as well as potentially being overwhelmed by high levels of stimulation. This guide detailing 8 Signs You’re an Introvert contains a further in-depth analysis of the personality type and what it entails. Now, let’s launch into how introverts can not just cope, but flourish in the health and beauty world!

Take a time-out

Any introvert will tell you that “me” time is an important part of staying sane and maintaining your energy levels. When you’re dealing with clients all day and chatting through their lives and problems with them, the mental toll can quickly build up. Instead of pushing through it, make sure to schedule self-care. This isn’t always easy with work and other commitments, but even a few hours here and there can help you restore and start afresh. Do whatever feels good and helps you destress, even if it’s just an hour or two of your favorite Netflix show, or getting out for a solitary walk in the sunshine!


Talk about it

One thing that introverts will often note is that although they enjoy time to themselves and relish their own company, they can sometimes feel lonely. After all, being an introvert certainly doesn’t mean that you don’t benefit from being social at all. If you’ve had a busy few days at work and need to get things off your chest, don’t be afraid to share your feelings with friends and family. After all, a problem shared is a problem halved!


Challenge yourself!

Okay, this one might not be what you were expecting to hear, but stick with us! If you’re finding that your introverted nature is making you shut down or avoid professional situations, you may have to do a little diving in at the deep end to get the results you want. Oftentimes, introverts can fall back on avoiding certain situations and, in doing so, form a pattern to their detriment. If your mind is telling you to run away, pause and assess why. By putting yourself in a daunting situation, you’ll likely end up learning about yourself and gradually build your confidence at the same time. Remember, sometimes we form a picture of how things will go in our heads, which doesn’t always correlate with reality. Once you realize this, you’ll have greater power and assurance that things can and will be okay!

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