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Heres Why Women Are Embracing Going Gray Early

Here’s Why Women Are Embracing Going Gray Early

Going gray early has become the latest trend.

Many women have ditched hair color products and instead desire going gray early.

Was it the rise of the pandemic that started a trend of going gray early? When beauty salons closed for a bit in 2020, did people overall get used to a more natural look? And when the salons opened back up, were people reluctant to go back to their regular schedule? Was there a trend to go gray rather than risk the chance of catching COVID-19? Whatever the reason, only a woman who has colored her hair for years fully understands how time-consuming, tiring, expensive, and damaging the cover-your-gray process is as a part of trying to maintain a youthful appearance.

It has also helped that celebrities, such as Miley Cyrus, Cindy Jacobs, Andie MacDowell, and Kim Kardashian have boldly heralded the current popularity of silver hair and made it not only acceptable but stylish. However, as fashionistas will, these and other influencers probably will soon move on to other looks, and their devoted followers will switch styles and colors once more. It remains to be seen if the graying of America will be a lasting trend.

Will going gray early really catch on?

Why can’t “old” be beautiful?

Besides the fact that the pandemic made it somewhat harder to continue the same old beauty routines, there is also the fact that women may just be getting tired of doing so much work to remain youthful. We believe you’re beautiful at all ages, so embrace those grays, sis!


A sign of freedom

There is also the fact that coloring your hair can take a tremendous amount of work, especially as the amount of gray hairs increase, as well as the frequency at which they come in. When that routine is finally over, there is a certain feeling of freedom. It’s the freedom to just be yourself — grays and all.

Blend and highlight

Going gray is much easier said than done. Letting the gray flourish can be facilitated with the help of a colorist. Blending the grays will help it look better, especially at first. Blending doesn’t require regular trips to the salon either, like hair coloring does. Some opt for blonde highlights to accompany the grays. Since the grays offer natural highlights already, the blonde streaks will provide a light blend overall, without going completely gray.

There is nothing wrong with embracing your natural beauty and going gray early. Opting for this more natural look will also free up some of the time you spent trying to hide the grays all those years. Giving this look a try is certainly worth looking into. You can always go back to coloring your hair, and it isn’t like your grays are going anywhere. As you get older, you’ll have plenty of time to perfect the look!

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