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Youve Booked Your First Client of Your On-Demand Business Heres How To Succeed

You’ve Booked Your First Client of Your On-Demand Business: Here’s How To Succeed

As freelance hairstylists and beauty professionals increase, here are tips and tricks to have a successful on-demand business!

If you’re looking into becoming an on-demand business, such as a traveling hairstylist, there are a few things you need to know to achieve success.

Here are some ways you can get your mobile business up and running to be victorious!

If you are a licensed hairstylist looking to get out of your salon and join the fast-growing ranks of on-demand businesses but don’t know where to start…don’t worry! This article is for you.

We get that you’re ready to venture out and become your own boss. I mean, who wouldn’t love the freedom of creating your own schedule and answering to no one? Sounds amazing! Here is what you need to do in order to become a traveling/freelance hairstylist.

Condense your beauty kit

See how small you can get your gear! Learn how to ensure your hand-tied wefts, find new ways of packing your i-tips, and practice using your Fusion kit on stationary clients before you start traveling. See how small you can make things while still being easily accessible. It’s best to keep your workspace cleaner, tighter, and smaller when becoming a mobile hairstylist.


Network, network, network!

You’re your own boss now and won’t have the safety net of the salon anymore. It’s important to maintain and improve the relationship with your clients now more than ever! As a mobile hairdresser, you have the opportunity to build even closer relationships with customers, meeting their family members and pets along the way! I mean, you are stepping inside their home — it's only natural for the relationship to grow. This can make your job even more satisfying on the personal front, adding a true social element to your work.

Be as organized as you can

Keep your tasks and client appointments as organized as possible. You are in control of your schedule now, and you should act accordingly. Do not cancel because you forgot you had an appointment! You owe it to your clients to be as efficient and considerate as possible.

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