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Fermented Skincare  Everything You Need to Know About the Trend

Fermented Skincare — Everything You Need to Know About the Trend!

What is fermented skincare? How does that benefit your skin? Keep reading to get your answers.

Fermented skincare — say what?!?

Fermented food has been lauded for its ability to cure the body from the inside-out, but what about fermentation for the face? What began as a South Korean fad has spread westward as natural beauty aficionados seek substances that are both effective and devoid of synthetics. The fermenting process (similar to how grapes become wine and cabbage becomes kimchi) is said to make skincare products more absorbable and potent. Before changing your skincare regimen, learn more about this new frontier — fermented skincare.

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What is fermented skincare?

Fermentation is typically associated with wine or kimchi, but it may also be used in skincare. Laboratory fermentation uses microbes like bacteria to break down skincare chemicals into other compounds. Fermented cosmetic products are derived from nature, but they are not all plants.

Consider digestive enzymes to grasp the science behind fermented skincare. Fermented nutrients in topical cosmetics are more concentrated and easily absorbed, much as fermented meals and enzyme supplements assist in the digestion and absorption of nutrients you ingest. These cosmetic products frequently contain fermentable ingredients such as fruit, herbs, and yeast. The fermentation process changes natural chemicals in a moisturizer, serum, or mask, allowing the skin to accept and absorb these compounds more easily.


What are the benefits?

Fermentation is science's method of shrinking components with a ray gun, a la Honey I Shrunk The Kids. It is worthwhile since the broken-down components can infiltrate your skin. Active substances that have been fermented with yeast or bacteria are broken down into tiny molecules that are easier to absorb.

In addition to making absorption simpler and faster, fermentation increases nutritional density, making the product's natural constituents more potent. Wine, for example, has a higher total antioxidant capacity (AOX) than grape juice. Fermented yeast extract is frequently used in these formulations because the fermentation process generates amino acids and peptides that aid in skin cell regeneration. According to research, fermented yeast extract increases collagen production and may help reduce the indications of skin aging.

Is there any research to back it up?

There isn't a lot of research on fermentation in skincare, but what is available seems promising. New studies and research continue to happen to better pinpoint the effects of fermented skincare. While fermented products come with the enormous caveat of being under-studied, there are several out there worth trying, even if it's only to aid with the absorption of more effective items in your beauty regimen.


What are some products to try out?

While hyping up this type of skincare, it is only appropriate to leave you some recommendations as well:

Each one of these products ranges in price and location. Please consult your dermatologist before starting any new skincare routines if you have allergies or extremely sensitive skin.

Conclusion: Are you ready to start the fermented skincare trend? Let us know how it works for you. Send us a message on Instagram, Facebook, or Twitter. Don’t forget that you can continue taking care of your face and the rest of your body by booking an appointment with one of our PROs at MOBILESTYLES.


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