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MOBILESTYLES is Your 1 App for Mobile Beauticians for Elderly Clients

MOBILESTYLES is Your #1 App for Mobile Beauticians for Elderly Clients

MOBILESTYLES has a wide variety of mobile beauticians for elderly that can provide health and beauty services in the comfort of their own home!

Find out why mobile beauticians for elderly can be a huge benefit for your grandma and grandpa!

We believe health and beauty is for everyone, and that aging doesn’t have to mean missing out on the things we once loved. Our mobile beauticians for elderly can provide a wide variety of services such as manicures/pedicures, hairstyling, massages, skincare treatments, and more — without having to leave your home!



Unfortunately, as we age, our coordination begins to decline. There is a certain point when driving becomes a bit more dangerous than it should be, simply because we’re less responsive to the dangers that can arise on the road.

Luckily there are tons of on-demand services that help bring seniors the care and resources they need, straight to their door! With MOBILESTYLES, your grandma and grandpa can have any health and beauty service performed in the safety of their own home.



While your grandparents may not be able to drive anymore, we understand that becoming dependent on our loved ones in our old age can sometimes feel tough. We don’t want to burden our friends and family, and even though they may not see it that way, it can be tough to shake that feeling.

If your grandma feels like she wants a bit more independence without having to rely on constant car rides from friends and family to get her hair done, then MOBILESTYLES is perfect for her! Independence never felt so good!


Aging in place

As we age, independent living becomes significantly more difficult. Despite physical and cognitive decline, we express a great desire to stay in our homes and/or our communities. Luckily, services such as food delivery, transportation, and on-demand beauty apps like MOBILESTYLES have created ways to have our grandma and grandpa be well taken care of, so they can age in place comfortably!

With the MOBILESTYLES App, your grandparents can stay at home and conveniently receive the amazing health and beauty services she would normally get elsewhere!

Self-care is a huge part of building confidence and feeling good about yourself. As we age, we understand that some of that urge to continue taking care of ourselves may become a bit more tiresome and “not worth it”. No matter your location, our PROs are dedicated to making self-care as easy as possible for our grandparents because we believe that everyone deserves to feel beautiful and confident at every stage of life!

Services like at-home massages, facials, hair styling/cutting, and more can all be done conveniently wherever your grandparents are!

At MOBILESTYLES, we make it easy for seniors to find the appropriate health and beauty services that they need though our easy-to-use app. Booking a mobile beautician for elderly clients has never been easier! Download the app today:


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