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The Best Comfortable Yet Stylish Autumn Shoes

The Best Comfortable Yet Stylish Autumn Shoes

Time to start thinking about what’s trending for autumn shoes

This year, it’s all about functionality when it comes to autumn shoes.

There appears to be something for everyone in fall 2022 when it comes to autumn shoe trends. If you prefer flats, you’re in luck. If you prefer to go bold with over-the-knee boots, you’re in luck there too. Trending are the flashy yet classy looks. They didn’t leave out the logistics this fall, either. When it is raining, you’ll need trendy rain boots, and when it’s unreasonably hot for a supposed fall day, you’ll want light flats.

Straight from the runway, we are loving these fall shoe trends.

Clunky Mary Janes

Think 1990s, but better. These Mary Janes take it to a whole other level with not only an oversized platform, but oversized buckles, as well. They may have the height and platform appeal of a Mary Jane, but they also have the charm of a classic pump. And, you’ll want to pick them out in the brightest colors you can find.

Delicate like ballet

Sure, they’re flat and barely there, but they’re what’s hot this fall. You’ll want to opt for the bold colors and the classic trends. Nothing fancy here — just a little ballet to get you through fall.


The highest boots you can find

If it rains, you’re all set — all the way up to your thighs! What is nice about this trend is that they can either be high heels or flats. They’re motorcycle-meets-runway, and they’re all the rage.

Texture is cool

If you’re into those fuzzy slippers, you’re in luck. Soft and fluffy textures are in this fall. The boots with the fur will be what everyone is talking about. Talk about comfort!


No need to pair these with a metallic outfit, as well — these are great totally on their own. You can wear them flat, with a heel, or even as a slingback. They’ll look great dressed up for that fall wedding you’re attending, or dressed down with a pair of comfy jeans.

So, it looks like this year’s most popular autumn shoes have something for everyone. Finally, there are no excuses to not be trendy. But, who would want an excuse anyway? Get out there and find these latest trends and then glam it up this fall.

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