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My Strange Addiction Billie Eilish Skincare Routine

My Strange Addiction: Billie Eilish Skincare Routine

Billie Eilish’s skincare routine has recently been buzzing around the beauty world, and we’re obsessed with how accessible and relatable it is!

Billie Eilish’s skincare routine is something we should all strive for!

We may not want to admit it, but a lot of of us tend to wish we could be more like superstars that we see in movies or performing on stage at sold out concerts. Every now and then, we’re reminded a bit that despite being famous and (most likely) insanely rich, they are actually a lot more like us than we tend to believe!

Billie Eilish’s skincare routine was recently posted online with her giving a step-by-step tutorial on which products she uses and how she applies them. Everyone, including us, loved how accessible the products she used were, as well as her overall calming personality while on camera.

“I have to do a skincare routine every single night. For me, I find a lot of peace in it and it brings me back down to myself; I feel like a person when I do it,” Billie says.


Right after getting off stage, she uses some Josie Maran wipes to remove her makeup. Besides her cleansing wipes, much of her routine consists of many products from Biba de Sousa’s collection — someone she attributes to having helped her skin transform for the better after using her products. Included in this collection are: a mask, cleansing gel, two toners, and two moisturizers.

After her skincare is complete, she uses some of Aquaphor’s healing ointment on her lips — a product that we believe EVERYONE should have in their home! She then moves on to nails, utilizing Thymolize Solution (created by celebrity nail artist, Tammy Taylor) when her nails are “feeling weak, like if I just had gels taken off or something.”


Eilish recently came out with her own scent, Eilish Eau de Parfum, which you would think she considers her signature scent of choice. In reality, she admits that she uses Laura Mercier body cream as a nightly lather instead. “I feel like everybody that knows me, when they smell this, it just smells like me,” she says.

Below you can find all the products used in her skincare routine video!

It doesn’t take being a superstar to take advantage of these great products. Billie Eilish’s skincare routine reminds us that everyone, even those who seem extremely luxurious, still need time for self-care.

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